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How Helpful Are Driving Lessons

How Helpful Are Driving Lessons Blog | LTrent Driving School BlogIt doesn’t matter if you are a learner driver or if you already have some driving experience – you can benefit from additional driving lessons. Whether you are a teenager hoping to pass the driving test, an experienced driver who is looking into improving your driving skills or a resident who needs to transfer their overseas licence, adding more hours of driving under your belt can be beneficial in many ways.

Here’s how driving lessons can help.

Makes You More Comfortable Behind the Wheel

If this is your first time behind the wheel, then it may take a while to adjust to driving and being constantly aware of the road rules. A professional driving instructor will not only teach you to drive but give you the confidence you need to relieve your stress and anxiety while driving.

If you’ve already learned to drive but failed the test due to a minor error, the instructor can help you solve the issues, teach you how to stay focused, and build your confidence so that you ace your test next time.

Build Good Driving Habits

Passing the test is the goal of most learner drivers, but your instructors will also focus on teaching you good driving habits that will turn you into a safer driver.

A Safer Drivers Course would be ideal if you are a young driver on your Ls who wants to get behind the wheel without a supervising driver. According to the Roads and Maritime Services, you need to hold a valid learner licence, be under 25 years old and have completed a minimum of 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving to be able to attend this course.

Build a Solid Foundation

A lot of the time, learner drivers know their way around the wheel, but they don’t have a good grasp of the road rules or how to drive defensively. A professional driving instructor will teach you how to reduce the risks of getting into an accident and ensure that the driver has a solid foundation when it comes to rules and driving techniques.

Be Better Prepared for the Test

You may have started driving with a non-professional supervisor, such as a parent or family member. While they can help you build some driving experience and your log book hours, it’s only with professional instructors and driving lessons that you can maximise your chances of passing the test on your first go. An instructor knows what the testing officers are looking for and what you need to do to demonstrate the correct techniques. Being able to operate the vehicle is not enough to pass the test.

We Can Help

Choosing a driving school can feel like a daunting task. We are here to give you all the reasons LTrent is the right answer. We are Australia’s leading educator of driver trainers. Our instructors are held to the highest standards and trained to deliver superior quality. Our system also makes it easier for you to learn and track your progress. For NSW learner drivers we offer the Safer Drivers Course, which provides learner drivers in class and car coaching sessions.

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