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What’s In The Driving Test? Explaining How You’ll Be Tested

What’s In The Driving Test? Explaining How You’ll Be Tested | LTrent Driving Lessons

Ready to drive with a provisional P1 licence? You’ll need to pass the driving test first, and passing the driving test is easier said than done. Lots of people need to take the practical driving test multiple times before they get their provisional licence.

If you’re preparing to head to a service centre to test your driving skills, you may be wondering what to expect from your road test. In this blog from LTrent Driving School, we’ll briefly explain the basics of what to expect from your licence test.

What Will I Be Tested On? The 5 Criteria Used For Drive Tests

There are 5 basic criteria used to determine your performance on your driving test, as follows:

  1. Car control – The examiner will be looking at your ability to easily control the car, operate the gears, accelerate and brake, use turn signals, buckle your seatbelt, and other such things.
  2. Vehicle position – This includes things like maintaining a safe distance from other cars, parking the appropriate distance from a kerb, keeping your car within the lane, and being aware of your blind spot as well as those of other cars.You may also be asked to reverse parallel park, conduct a three-point turn, angle park, or perform a kerb side stop. You must be able to handle any and all of these manoeuvres.
  3. Hazard perception – While there may or may not be hazards on the road during your test, your examiner will be looking at how you respond to them if present.
  4. Speed management – This includes things like staying within the speed limit, avoiding speeding or driving too slowly, and consistent, smooth braking and accelerating.
  5. Decision making – This includes things like safely choosing gaps when turning or merging, knowing when to proceed at an intersection, and checking your blind spot.


What Will The Testing Route Be?

The testing officer can take you on any route they want. Once you’re ready to drive and have gotten yourself comfortable in one of their test vehicles, you’ll set out on a route near the testing centre. This route will usually include a lot of different challenges and road elements to the skills of road users. This could include:

  • Right-hand turns across busy intersections
  • Changing lanes on multi-lane roads
  • Stop and give way signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Narrow roads
  • Varied speed zones
  • School zones
  • Single and multi-lane roundabouts
  • Highway merging and driving

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