What Is In The P’s Driving Test In NSW | LTrent Driving School

What Is In The P’s Driving Test In NSW

What’s In The Driving Test? Explaining How You’ll Be Tested | LTrent Driving Lessons

In order to acquire your P1 licence, you have to pass the driving assessment, which can be more difficult than it sounds. Many young drivers have had to complete the test several times before obtaining their provisional P1 licence.

If you are about to head out for the road assessment for the first time, you may be curious about what typically happens during the tests. This post will discuss everything you need to know about the NSW P1 licence test.

The Driving Test Assessment Criteria

The 5 aspects used to evaluate the performance of drivers in driving tests are:

  1. Car control – Your testing officer will evaluate your capacity to effectively control the vehicle, shift gears, brake, accelerate, use signals and wear your seatbelts.
  2. Vehicle positioning – This involves aspects such as maintaining a distance from nearby vehicles, maintaining your vehicle within the lane, maintaining the right space from a curb while parking and blind spot awareness. Your examiner may also require you to parallel park, angle-park, and conduct a kerb side stop or a three-point turn.
  3. Hazard perception – If there are dangers on the road during the test, your examiner will check how you respond to them.
  4. Speed management – This involves maintaining the indicated speed, driving slowly, accelerating, and braking smoothly.
  5. Decision-making – Your examiner will check whether you check your blind spot, know when to start moving at an intersection, and safely choose gaps when merging or turning.

The Driving Test Route

Your examiner is free to use any road they want. Once you are ready for the test, your examiner will ask you to take a route around the testing area. The route typically includes a lot of road elements and challenges. You can expect the following:

  • Traffic lights
  • Various speed zones
  • School zones
  • Stop and give way signs
  • Multiple lane roads
  • Narrow roads
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Multi-lane roundabouts
  • Highway driving and merging
  • Right-hand turns across intersections

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Frequently Asked Questions

The examiner will use five key performance indicators. They include speed management, vehicle control, decision-making, road position, and hazard response.

Your examiner will be in the test car to direct you and record your performance on the test score sheet. Your overall score will depend on your ability to portray low-risk driving behaviour in various situations.

The driving test will last between 30 and 45 minutes.