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Tips For Passing The HPT

Tips For Passing The HPT | LTrent Driving School

To earn your P1 licence and take the driving test, you will need to pass your Hazard Perception Test (HPT) first. This computer-based test is designed to assess your ability to recognise and respond to potential hazards on the road.

The HPT test consists of a sequence of short video clips containing everyday road scenes in which you must identify developing hazards before they develop into an immediate risk. This test aims to ensure you are aware of your surroundings and can make quick, safe decisions when faced with potential hazards.

“But how do I pass the HPT test?” Here are a few tips to prepare and pass your HPT on the first attempt.

Know What a Hazard Is

The Hazard Perception Test is designed to test your ability to detect potential hazards on the road. So knowing what a hazard is, in the first place, can help you recognise one when it presents itself. In the test, you will be required to identify a ‘developing hazard,’ which generally refers to a risk that will require you to either stop, slow down, or steer out of the way.
Being able to identify a hazard is an essential skill for safe driving, which can help you make safe, calculated decisions, and avoid potentially hazardous situations when driving.

Take Practice Tests

Utilising the available resources to take practice tests can help you understand the HPT test and how it is used to assess hazards. The NSW Government has provided plenty of practice modules online that you can use to refine your hazard perception skills. You can use these modules to practise mock tests to see what the actual test will be like. These practice modules are:

  • Scanning for hazards
  • How close is ‘safe’
  • Safe gaps when turning or navigating intersections
  • Stopping distances

Don’t Click Too Often

During the HPT test, you will be required to watch short videos and click the screen when you recognise a hazard that needs to be prevented. However, you shouldn’t simply touch everything that may seem like a barrier you want to avoid. Take time to assess the hazard before taking action.

Prepare For The Test

Sufficient preparation can help you pass the Hazard Perception Test without much struggle. Ensure you understand the potential hazards you may encounter on the road and be aware of your surroundings. The most commonly tested areas that you’ll want to practice are:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collision
  • Running off a straight section of the road and hitting an object
  • Collisions at an intersection
  • Running through a curved section of the road and hitting an object

Practising regularly can help you identify potential risks and react accordingly, allowing you to better prepare for your test.

Prepare For Your HPT Test With LTrent Driving School

Whether you want to take the driving test or apply for a P1 licence, our instructors at LTrent Driving School are ready to help you pass your HPT test. We will help you learn the basics of hazard identification and avoidance so you can improve your hazard perception skills.

Book a driving lesson online or call us at (02) 8748 4500. LTrent Driving School is also a provider of the NSW Safer Drivers Course.

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