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Tips For Passing The HPT

Tips For Passing The HPT | LTrent Driving School

If you’ve got all of your required logbook hours and have held your learner’s licence for long enough, the next step to earning your P1 licence will be to pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT).

The HPT is a computer-based test that will test your knowledge of road rules and ability to identify potential hazards. It’s a theory test that will be used to help determine how much you know about driving safely – and whether or not you qualify for your P1 licence, and eventually your P2 licence.

When you sit the test at the office of Roads and Maritime Services, you’ll need to simply watch some short videos, and touch the screen when a hazard presents itself, and action is required. Let’s discuss some tips about how you can pass the HPT on your first try now!

1. Arrive Early To Make Sure You’re Prepared

You will need to arrive early at Service NSW and present your licence details. You will also need to pay for the test fee, and you will need a completed Licence Application Form.

Arriving early ensures that you won’t have to worry about rushing, and that you can take some time to study the Hazard Perception Handbook before your test.

2. Read The Hazard Perception Handbook

For all tests and your driving test, there are practice tests and resources available online. You can view a summary of this content (the Hazard Perception Handbook) and check out the other resources here, and make sure you know everything you need to about road rules.

3. Know What Will Be Tested On The HPT

The HPT mostly examines crashes of the following 5 types.

  • Rear-end collision (33%)
  • Collision at intersections (17%)
  • Head-on collisions (15%)
  • Running off a straight section of road and hitting an object (9%)
  • Running off a curved section of road and hitting an object (8%)

Together, these crash types make up about 80% of the crashes in which provisional NSW drivers are involved – so they are the most likely to be tested on the HPT.

4. Take The HPT Practice Modules

The NSW Government has a few practice modules available online that you can use to build your hazard perception skills. Click here and scroll to the “Practice modules” section to give them a try. There are 5 practice modules:

  • How close is safe
  • Stopping distances
  • Safe gaps when turning
  • Safe gaps at intersections
  • Scanning for hazards

These do not involve questions or scenarios that will be on the actual test. Instead, they are used to build your driving and hazard perception skills.

5. Get Driving Lessons With A Professional Instructor

The best way to build your hazard perception skills is to take professional driving lessons with an instructor from LTrent Driving School. Your instructor will help you learn the basics about avoiding common road hazards, point out mistakes or errors that you make, and improve your overall road safety and knowledge of road rules – which will make it much easier to pass the HPT on your first try!

Contact LTrent Driving School Now & Prepare For The HPT!

If you’ve had your learner’s licence for at least 10 months and are ready to take the HPT, we recommend that you get professional instruction from LTrent Driving School. You can learn more about hazard perception in a safe and controlled environment, and guarantee that you will pass on your first try. Get in touch with us today on 02 8748 4500 or get started by booking your driving lessons online now.

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