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Are you seeking a qualified female driving instructor near you? Look no further – our driving school offers a dedicated team of experienced and patient female instructors ready to assist. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge in road rules, our licensed female driving instructors prioritise safe driving and impart crucial driving skills during lessons.

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    Ltrent’s Expert Female Trent Trainers

    At our driving school, our female instructors are trained to provide top-tier guidance, ensuring students pass their tests and become safe, confident drivers. We follow a structured curriculum, honed over 50 years, designed to enhance driving skills and ensure compliance with road rules. Learning to drive with us guarantees a thorough understanding of the log book requirements, empowering you with the knowledge essential for safe driving and to pass your test.


    Experience the Trent Method and Support

    While any licensed driver or trainer can teach driving, Trent distinguishes itself by producing safe drivers through curriculum-based driving training.

    • Our driving lessons cover a broad spectrum, preparing learners for practical driving tests.
    • We offer pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience.
    • Whether you’re learning the basics or fine-tuning your skills for the road test, our female instructors are dedicated to your success.
    • Highly recommended by past learners, our driver trainers follow the best practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of road rules and safe driving practices.

    Trent Service and Support

    As a large professional driving school, Trent offers a dedicated team of customer partners to assist with anything you need.

    • Enjoy convenient online bookings, re-bookings, and more at ltrent.com.au. With the largest and newest fleet in the industry, your on-road classroom will be modern, clean, and enjoyable to drive.
    • Trent provides more availability, covers more areas, and offers more automatic and manual trainers than any other driving school.
    • We guarantee that you’ll receive the best level of training and service in Australia.

    The Trent Training and Service Guarantee

    At the end of your first lesson, if you don’t believe that you’ve received the best level of service and driver training, we will give you a free lesson on us with a different instructor.


    Guidance from the best driving instructors

    All of LTrent’s expert Driver Trainers, both female and male, are here to equip you with the skills to confidently navigate any road, ensuring safe and independent driving whenever you desire.

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    Driver Trainer – Elizabeth

    “I had lessons with Elizabeth. She was incredibly supportive, patient, and helpful. A very welcoming presence for those who are nervous to start driving. I have put off my license for years, but within only a few weeks of practicing, Elizabeth helped me get my P’s on the very first try. Would recommend to anyone.”

    Student – Benjamin Ellington

    Driver Trainer – Susan Hardy

    “I’m very glad to have done the lessons with my instructor Susan Hardy. I purchased a 6-hour package, used 4 hours on driving classes and the final 2 hours for the driving test. Susan is always on time to pick me up for the lesson. She is patience, calm throughout the session and never rush me. She also pays attention on my technique and picked up some of my driving flaws, helping me to perfect them. During the lesson, she noted down areas that I need to take note of and share with me at the end of each session. I’m so happy that I pass my driving test with great results! The overall experience with Susan and L Trent was definitely worthwhile.”

    Driver Trainer – Roslyn

    “Isabelle passed first go! A huge thanks to Roslyn for all her efforts. She was the most patient, encouraging and wonderful instructor. Isabelle was very nervous to learn to drive and Roslyn taught her many tips to help beat her nerves and make her a safe and very confident driver. Thank you Roslyn!”

    Isabelle’s Mum

    Frequently Asked Questons

    Should you get a female driving instructor?

    The choice of whether to get a female driving instructor is completely up to you. Choosing a driving instructor is personal. Comfort and confidence during lessons are key. Look for teaching style, expertise, and rapport, regardless of gender. The goal: find an instructor who makes you comfortable and guides you to become a confident, safe driver.

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    We turn your driving dreams into a reality.

    Whatever your driving aspirations, LTrent’s instructors are ready to support you.

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    Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons

    Whether your preference is for automatic or manual driving, LTrent’s skilled instructors are prepared to lead you. Keeping abreast with the latest driving methods, we ensure you’re receiving the best guidance.

    Lifelong Driving Skills

    Start your driving journey with our experienced team. From basic maneuvers to extensive road trips, we aim to build your confidence and safety on the road. Our training is designed to equip you with the skills for a lifetime of independent driving.

    Open Road Course: Beyond Basic Training

    Driving extends beyond just passing a test. Our Open Road course is carefully crafted to prepare you for the broad highways of Australia, ensuring you’re ready for all driving challenges.

    A Diverse Range of Instructors

    Learn with an instructor who truly understands you. At LTrent, we believe in the power of a perfect student-instructor match. We dedicate ourselves to finding the right instructor for you.

    Mastering the Australian Road Rules and Beyond

    Prepare for your driving test with our advanced vehicles and elite trainers. With LTrent, you do more than just learn; you excel. As you take the wheel, know that we’re here to support you every step of the way.