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Test Day Preparation


The answer is YES! Trent Driving School help students like you gain the confidence to pass first go.

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Trent On Road Assessment (TORT)

TORT  is designed by Trent Driving School to train their students to become test ready and more! Students that complete the TORT successfully will

  • Become the safest drivers on the road
  • Easily pass the driving test first go
  • Understand what the testing officers expect in the driving test.

Trent Concierge (Test Day Service)

Nothing beats Trent Driving School’s level of service. On the test day Trent will:

  • Pick you up from home
  • Drive you to the¬†testing centre
  • Provide you with a concise warm-up.
  • Complete the paperwork
  • Take you home after the driving test

Want to pass your driving test first try?

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