A Driving Lesson

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Driving Schools Sydney

Ltrent driving school pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in driver education in Sydney and the surrounding Illawarra region. LTrent’s unique accelerated learning platform means our students learn more from every lesson, get to do so in the latest fleet of cars from our passionate and enthusiastic trainers and all the while save money. Less Lessons = Less costs.

Most importantly our skilled team of the best driver trainers mean Ltrent Driving school delivers better and safer drivers into the community.

Why choose Ltrent?

  • Accelerated learning: Our structured curriculum and learning platform means our students learn more and faster.
  • Structured learning program: As LTrent is a registered training organisation we offer a the highest levels of driver education with our structured learning program. We pride ourselves on delivering safer and better drivers into the community
  • The best driver trainers using the newest safest fleet of cars.
  • The best customer service: Book anytime online!