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What Our Students Say About LTrent

We value the experience of our students. Here’s what they have to say.

Thank You LTrent!

LTrent driving school gave me the confidence to feel comfortable on Sydney roads. Rob Barilla was a fantastic instructor and very supportive throughout the entire process. I'm extremely grateful for his guidance, knowledge, patience and humour. Thank you very much Rob and LTrent!

LTrent Driving School | Janine Pass P's On First Go with our Driving Lessons


Great Experience And Fantastic Result

Contemplating finally going back to driving lessons after 20 years was pretty daunting but what a result on test day - 109 out of 110! I definitely couldn't have achieved this without Rob's guidance. Thanks for such a great experience and fantastic result!

LTrent Driving School | Vanessa Pass P's On First Go with our Driving Lessons