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Manual Driving Lessons

7 Reasons Why Manual Driving Lessons Are For You

You are in luck. Trent Driving School has specialist manual trainers ready to teach you.

1. Avoid Loaning Your Car.

Got friends that ask to borrow almost everything? If the answer is YES! Then learning how to drive manual is for you. Most people only ever drive automatic.

2. Better Control of Your Vehicle.

Have a peace of mind. Braking is easier in a manual.

3. Challenge Yourself.

Most people take the easy route of an automatic car. Why not challenge yourself?

4. Drive the Car of your Choice.

Have you ever wanted to buy a car just to find out that it is manual? Learning how to drive manual opens up opportunities.

5. Fuel Efficiency.

Most modern cars in the market for both automatic and manual are fuel efficient. However, if you are buying an older model, a manual car will be much more fuel efficient than its automatic counterparts.

6. Keeps You Alive!

Driving manual keeps you focused on the road helping you avoid the temptation of eating and texting while driving.

7. Saves Money!

Manual cars are generally less expensive to buy, easier to maintain, and cheaper to repair.

Want to learn manual? Find out if we have manual instructors near you.