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Trent on Road Test (TORT)

Are You Ready For The Driving Test?

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How great would it be to pass first go?

The Trent On Road Test is our very own practice test. Trent has designed the most difficult test routes in every test centre.

The test is 25-45 minutes long (depending on traffic, and the route) and is designed to test skills and nerves of the student.

The student is assessed on Trent’s very own score sheet.

During the TORT the student will experience test like conditions and know what it’s like to truly drive without assistance and feel the nerves of test day.

The student will have to exhibit competency in the following situations:

  • Stop and give way signs

  • Turns at lights

  • Reverse park, angle park and three point turns

  • Lane changing

  • Gap selection

  • Roundabouts

… And much more

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After the TORT

After the TORT session, the trainer will provide detailed feedback on what you need to improve in order to pass the driving test.

You can practice these skills in your next lesson or in your own time with your supervisor.