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Open Road Session

Open Road Session By LTrent


What Is An Open Road Session?

Most new drivers dream of going away on a road trip with friends and exploring different locations. These skills are generally not developed with test preparation.

The Open Road Session is a program developed exclusively by LTrent Driving School that is not offered anywhere else. Experience high speed road conditions which can be scary when driving alone however in the Open Road Session, you’ll have a professional driving instructor guiding you through all of these situations so you’ll be confident in driving solo next time.

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What Will I Learn In An Open Road?

The number one thing you’ll learn is how to use the LTrent Safety Wheel at high speeds and to improve early decision making to avoid potential hazards in different scenarios.

Learn about the safety cushion to allow enough space between you and the other cars, be seen by other road users so they have time to react and by making early decisions your actions are more predictable to other drivers.

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Open Road Session - Road Bends

An Open Road Session will boost your driving skills:

Highway and freeway driving

High speed overtaking

Gravel surfaces

High-Speed Bends

Royal National Park - Open Road

5 Benefits Of The Open Road

  1. Become confident driving at high speeds and longer distances
  2. Prevent crashes with the use of road shoulders
  3. Steer safely around open road corners at high speeds
  4. Be in control while driving on gravel surfaces and stop safely for emergencies
  5. Safely overtake other vehicles at high speed

Where Can I Do The Open Road?

We have designed set routes across NSW that cover country roads, freeways, highways, gravel surfaces and high speed overtaking.

These routes are currently located in the Royal National Park, Wisemans Ferry, Ku-ring-gai National Park, Central Coast and Newcastle.

How Long Is An Open Road Session?

The Open Road Session is usually around 3-4 hours with an LTrent driving instructor. We recommend that you start your drive earlier at 9am to make the most of your day with excellent views along the way.

Drive to Royal National Park

What Are The Requirements To Do An Open Road Session?

  • Hold a valid drivers licence to drive in NSW
  • At least 70 hours of driving experience
  • Be a current LTrent student. If you haven’t had lessons with us before, don’t worry! You can book a lesson with one of our instructors and we’ll make sure you’re ready for the Open Road Session.
  • Be competent in Secondary traffic on our LTrent Student Record Card (Progress card)
  • Be approved by your LTrent Instructor to complete the Open Road Session

How Can I Book An Open Road Session?

There are a few ways to enquire about booking in an Open Road Session.

  • Speak with your LTrent driving instructor directly about booking in an Open Road Session
  • Call us on 02 8748 4500
  • Fill out the form on the right and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.
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