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    Embrace Your Independence: Start Driving Today!

    Are you running low on driving hours as your birthday nears?

    Do you feel overlooked because you're the last one without a P's licence in your social circle?

    Are you concerned about mastering that tricky reverse parallel park for your driving exam?

    Founded in 1969, LTrent Driving School has been dedicated to moulding the driving skills of Australia’s youth.

    Over the past five decades, our commitment has shaped the top-tier driver training program in Australia.

    By selecting LTrent in Mermaid Beach, you’re choosing Queensland’s most comprehensive driving education, led by the best-ranked instructors in the area.

    Why Opt for LTrent for Your Driving Education?

    Featuring the most contemporary fleet in the industry, our friendly and expertly trained Driver Trainers are focused on propelling you towards driving perfection and helping you achieve your driving goals.

    • Time Efficiency. Optimise your learning hours. Every hour driven under the guidance of our certified trainers counts as three logbook hours. (This benefit applies to your first 10 hours with an instructor.)
    • Cost Efficiency. Our optimised training methods enhance your driving skills efficiently, reducing repetitive lessons and saving costs.
    • Scheduling Flexibility. Book your driving sessions online at your convenience, without the need to adjust your daily commitments.
    • Test Readiness. Our proficient driving instructors in Mermaid Beach ensure that you are thoroughly prepared with both the test procedures and the environment.
    • First-Time Success. Our goal at LTrent is clear: we aim for every student to secure their Queensland driver’s licence on their first attempt.

    With LTrent you’ll be behind the wheel in no time.
    Book a driving lesson today!

    Guidance from the best driving instructors

    Our skilled LTrent Driver Trainers in Queensland are equipped to instruct you on how to navigate any road safely, giving you the freedom to drive as you please.

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    Gold Coast Driver Trainer – Julian O

    “I’d like to say thank you to Julian for being exceptional in helping me get my Ps. With his guidance, I was able to overcome the stress and difficulty that came with passing the driving test.

    He was incredibly thorough, patient and supportive during the time I spent learning under his instruction. With his guidance I have learned the skills I need to be a confident, safe and responsible driver.

    Julian’s company was a pleasure and I was made to feel comfortable every time. He went above and beyond to help fit the lessons in to his schedule and was always supportive and understanding whenever my personal life had set me back.

    He was able to deliver his clear understanding of driving skills in a way that was easy to digest for any new or nervous learner. He was great in ensuring any anxiety was alleviated and built my confidence on the road.

    Julian is a great asset to Ltrent and any learner driver who is lucky enough to have him. He is a very warm and welcoming person and is just a good bloke in general. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a driving instructor.”

    Student – Benjamin Ellington

    LTrent Driving Schools Near in Mermaid Beach

    We turn your driving dreams into a reality.

    Whatever your driving objectives, LTrent’s instructors in Mermaid Beach are here to support you.

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    1300 717 115

    Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

    Interested in learning to operate both automatic and manual vehicles in Mermaid Beach? LTrent’s skilled trainers are ready to assist you. Stay current with the latest driving techniques under the tutelage of some of the best in the business.

    Driving: A Lifelong Competency

    Begin your driving experience with our experienced professionals. From elementary driving and parking to planning extended road trips, we help you achieve your driving goals. We aim to foster lifelong safe driving habits, unlocking new levels of independence for you.

    Beyond Just Passing the Test with Open Road

    Driving involves much more than just passing an exam. Our Open Road program is specifically designed to prepare you for adventures on Queensland’s highways and beyond, providing a well-rounded understanding of various driving dynamics.

    Instructors Tailored to Your Needs

    Train with an instructor who truly matches your learning style. At LTrent, we believe that every student deserves a mentor who best suits their personality and learning approach. We are committed to finding the ideal match for you.

    Mastering QLD Road Rules and More

    Prepare for your test day with state-of-the-art vehicles and top-tier instructors at LTrent. Our educational journey is engaging and supportive, ensuring you not only pass the Queensland Road Rules Test but also excel in your everyday driving experiences.

    About Mermaid Beach, QLD


    Mermaid Beach, QLD, is a stunning coastal suburb renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sandy shores. Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, this suburb offers a perfect blend of beachside charm and vibrant lifestyle. Its long stretches of pristine beaches are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing, attracting both locals and tourists who seek a tranquil escape with the convenience of city amenities.

    The community in Mermaid Beach is close-knit and welcoming, with a variety of local shops, cafes, and restaurants that contribute to its lively social scene. The suburb is also famous for its ‘Millionaire’s Row’—Hedges Avenue—where luxurious beachfront properties offer spectacular ocean views. The blend of luxurious and modest homes in the area makes it diverse and appealing to a range of residents and visitors.

    Real estate in Mermaid Beach is highly sought after, not only for its stunning oceanfront locations but also for its proximity to schools, parks, and shopping centres. The suburb offers a lifestyle that is both laid-back and filled with opportunities for recreation and entertainment, making it an ideal place for families, professionals, and retirees. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach, a gourmet meal, or a quiet community vibe, Mermaid Beach provides an enviable quality of life on the Gold Coast.

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