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Driving Lessons in Southport

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    No more depending on others: Drive Yourself!

    Falling short of driving hours as your birthday approaches?

    Feeling left out as the last in your group without a P's licence?

    Concerned about perfecting that reverse parallel park for your test?

    In 1969, LTrent Driving School was founded with the vision of shaping Australia’s young drivers.

    Over five decades, our legacy has culminated in crafting Australia’s foremost driver training program.

    By choosing LTrent in Southport, you’re opting for Queensland’s most in-depth driver education, mentored by the top-ranked instructors in the region.

    Why is LTrent the #1 Choice for Driving Lessons?

    With the industry’s most modern fleet, our affable and highly skilled Driver Trainers are committed to guiding you to driving excellence and achieving your aspirations.

    • Time Efficiency. Make the most of your daytime hours. Every hour you drive with a certified trainer equates to 3 hours in your logbook. (This applies to the initial 10 hours with an instructor)
    • Economic Benefits. Our streamlined training approach enables skill enhancement without unnecessary repetition, saving you money.
    • Flexibility. Don’t adjust according to others. Schedule your lessons online, whenever and wherever it suits you.
    • Test Preparedness. Our adept driving instructors ensure you are well-acquainted with the test location and procedures.
    • Achieve Success the First Time. Our ambition at Ltrent is straightforward: we envision every learner securing their Queensland driver’s licence on their maiden attempt.

    With LTrent you’ll be behind the wheel in no time.
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    Guidance from the best driving instructors

    Our expert LTrent Driver Trainers in Queensland will teach you how to drive on any road, so you’ll be able to drive safely the way you want to, whenever you want to.

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    Gold Coast Driver Trainer – Julian O

    “I’d like to say thank you to Julian for being exceptional in helping me get my Ps. With his guidance, I was able to overcome the stress and difficulty that came with passing the driving test.

    He was incredibly thorough, patient and supportive during the time I spent learning under his instruction. With his guidance I have learned the skills I need to be a confident, safe and responsible driver.

    Julian’s company was a pleasure and I was made to feel comfortable every time. He went above and beyond to help fit the lessons in to his schedule and was always supportive and understanding whenever my personal life had set me back.

    He was able to deliver his clear understanding of driving skills in a way that was easy to digest for any new or nervous learner. He was great in ensuring any anxiety was alleviated and built my confidence on the road.

    Julian is a great asset to Ltrent and any learner driver who is lucky enough to have him. He is a very warm and welcoming person and is just a good bloke in general. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a driving instructor.”

    Student – Benjamin Ellington

    LTrent Driving Schools Near in Coolangatta

    We turn your driving dreams into a reality.

    No matter what your goals are, LTrent driving instructors in Southport are here to help you.

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    Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

    Eager to handle either an automatic or manual vehicle in Southport? LTrent’s proficient trainers are here for you. Stay updated with the freshest driving techniques, ensuring you’re in the best hands with us.

    Driving: A Skill for Life

    Embark on your automotive journey with our seasoned experts. From basic driving and parking to extended road trips, we guide you towards your driving ambitions. Our goal is to instil lifelong safe driving habits, opening doors to your newfound freedom.

    Beyond the Test with Open Road

    Driving is more than just passing a test. That’s why our Open Road course is tailored to equip you for adventures on Queensland highways and further afield, ensuring a holistic grasp of all driving aspects.

    Diverse Instructors for Diverse Learners

    Train with an instructor you truly resonate with. At LTrent, our ethos is simple: every student deserves a compatible mentor. We’re dedicated to finding that perfect match for you.

    Conquer the QLD Road Rules and So Much More

    Gear up for your evaluation day in cutting-edge vehicles with premier trainers. At LTrent, the learning journey is enjoyable, and we stand with you, ensuring you not only pass your Queensland Road Rules Test but truly own the road as you set forth.