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  • 20 hours in Logbook for $140
  • Learn why your first 6 months on red P’s is a high risk period
  • Learn and practise low-risk driving strategies
  • Learn how to reduce crash risk
  • And many more!
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The course is divided into two modules.

Module 1

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  • Three hour interactive facilitated group discussion
  • The discussion will involve 10 – 12 learner drivers
  • Explore behaviours and strategies that lead to becoming a safer driver
  • There are a number of videos and activities to keep the session engaging
  • Includes: hazard management, external and internal influences, speed management, following distance, gap selection, and more.

Module 2

safe driving course nsw
  • Two hour coaching session with two learner drivers in the car with a driver trainer
  • Participants will have a number of drives each on a set route
  • Each of the drives throughout the coaching session are aimed at eliminating the major crash types that occur on NSW roads
  • Includes: stationary low risk driving, checking your personal compass, recognising and responding to hazards, and more.

Safer Drivers Course Requirements:

Hold a NSW Learners Licence

Must be a NSW learners licence. Other states are not accepted.

Completed Minimum of 50 Actual Logbook Hours

Hours must be real driving hours and not 3 for 1 bonus hours

Students Must Be Under 25 Years Old

The RMS requires students to be under 25 to attend the course.

Receive 20 Logbook Hours

Upon Completion Of The Course, Learner Drivers Will Receive 20 Logbook Hours.

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As an accredited provider of the NSW Safer Drivers Course, Trent Driving School is delivering the course at over 20 sites.  Please call Trent Driving School to book  (02) 8748 4500

For more information about the course, please click here

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