What are the Main Reasons That Learners Fail their Test in NSW | LTrent

What are the Main Reasons That Learners Fail their Test in NSW

What are the Main Reasons That Learners Fail their Test in NSW | LTrent Blog

Earning a provisional P1 licence allows drivers in Australia to navigate the roads unsupervised, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards becoming competent drivers. Achieving this requires not only passing a practical driving test but also demonstrating a solid understanding of driving theory and road rules. While passing your driving test can appear daunting, being aware of the common mistakes and how to avoid them can significantly ease the process.

How Many Mistakes Allowed in Driving Test NSW?

Understanding the margin for error during your driving test is crucial. While minor errors can be forgiven, certain mistakes can heavily impact your scoring sheet. It’s vital to focus on precision in observation checks, adherence to speed limits, and flawless execution of road rules to navigate the test successfully.


Exceeding the speed limit is a leading cause as to why many learner drivers fail their driving tests. Speed limits are critical for safety, designed to prevent loss of control on challenging roads. During driving lessons, instructors emphasise the importance of observing speed limits, aiming to make this practice second nature by the test day.

Failing to Stop Completely at Stop Signs

Complete stops at stop signs are non-negotiable. Temptations to roll through stop signs must be resisted to avoid failing the test. The testing officer will closely watch how you approach and stop at stop signs, as this is a common mistake among learners.

Moving off the Kerb

Successfully moving off the kerb involves more than a simple head check. A comprehensive six-point check, or observation check, is essential to identify potential hazards effectively. This includes checking mirrors and blind spots thoroughly before merging into traffic.

Failing to Give Way

Mastering the rules of giving way is complex but critical. Your driving instructor plays a key role in simplifying this aspect, teaching you to navigate common driving scenarios and when to give way, ensuring a deeper understanding of road rules.

NSW Driving Test Instant Fails

Serious infractions, such as disobeying traffic signs, failing to give way correctly, and causing collisions, will result in you immediately failing your driving test. Familiarising yourself with these fail and immediate fail items is crucial before attempting the test. Your driving test score sheet will reflect these errors, underscoring their importance in the overall assessment

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Pass Your Driving Test With LTrent

Preparing adequately for the NSW driving test involves more than just understanding the reasons behind common failures. With professional driving lessons from LTrent Driving School, learners gain access to a comprehensive training program designed to enhance driving skills and road safety knowledge. Our experienced driving instructors are committed to helping you navigate the path to passing your driving test, equipped with the right strategies and confidence.

Avoid the common pitfalls that lead to failing the driving test in NSW by choosing LTrent Driving School. With our expert guidance, secure your learner licence, ace the hazard perception test, and step confidently towards earning your provisional P1 licence.

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