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5 Reasons Why Driving Lessons Are A Great Idea For Any Learner Driver

5 Reasons Why Driving Lessons Are A Great Idea For Any Learner Driver | LTrent Driving School

Whether you’re just earned your learner licence for the first time in New South Wales, or you’ve already gotten your provisional licence, driving lessons from a certified driving school like LTrent Driving School are a great idea.

With professional driving instruction, you can stay safer on the roads, and develop the driving skills you need to earn your full driver’s licence. Not convinced that you need help from a driving school? Here are a few reasons why driving lessons are a fantastic idea for any learner driver.

  1. You’ll Learn Safe Driving & Defensive Driving Techniques

Professional driving instructors focus on safety above all else. When you drive with a professional, you can learn about things like yielding properly at roundabouts, the proper distance to maintain between vehicles, defensive braking, building better awareness about the vehicles ahead of you, and other such things.

These techniques are highly-valuable for avoiding accidents and staying safe on the road – and for ensuring that you can graduate from your learner’s licence to your P1, P2 and full driver’s licence.

  1. It’s Easier To Prepare For Your Road Test

Taking your driving test for the first time can be very scary. But with driving lessons from LTrent Driving School, you can prepare for your test! Not only will you get hands-on driving training from a certified instructor, but you can also drive in a wide variety of different environments, and gain the skills and expertise you’ll need to pass your road test to graduate to your P1 licence. 

  1. You Can Get 20 Logbook Hours If You’re A Learner 

Everyone who has learned to drive knows that it can be hard to get all the logbook hours you need to graduate from your L plates to your P plates. One of the benefits of taking driving lessons at an approved driving school is that you can earn up to 20 logbook hours by taking lessons like the Safer Drivers Course at LTrent Driving School. This makes it easier for you to get the driving hours you need – and also improves your driving! That’s a win-win. 

  1. You’ll Get Honest Feedback About How You Can Improve 

Your driving instructor, unlike a family member or friend, will be honest about where you’re doing well, and how you can improve. You will get feedback about how you’re driving that you can use to become a better driver when you learn at driving school by taking driving lessons. 

For example, if you don’t check your mirrors regularly, your instructor will notice, and provide you with tips and techniques you can use to improve that part of your driving! 

  1. You’ll Feel Safe While Learning With Dual Control Cars, Expert Instructors

We use only dual control cars at LTrent Driving School, and have both manuals and automatics available. Our instructors will ensure that you’re safe during the process of learning to drive. If you’re nervous or anxious about learning, don’t be – our friendly instructors are here to help, and make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the process. 

Interested In Driving Lessons For Yourself Or A Learner Driver? Get In Touch Now!

If you’d like to book driving lessons for yourself, give us a call at (02) 8748 4500 or book online now. In NSW, students who wish to become better drivers can attend the Safer Drivers Course, which is a combination of on road and in class learning. Want to book lessons for someone else? We sell vouchers for all of our lesson packages! 

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