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Can Driving Lessons Expire

Can Driving Lessons Expire | LTrent Driving School

If you have your learner licence or learner permit and you are taking driving lessons at a driving school to learn more about road safety and prepare to earn your provisional licence, you may be wondering if driving lessons expire.

Can your driving practice expire? Will you need to re-do your driving lessons and logbook hours if your learner driver licence expires before you take the practical driving test?

We will explain everything you need to know about learner licence expiration, and whether or not the log book credits you earn from a driving school can expire.

Your Learner Licence Can Expire & You May Need To Retake The DKT & HPT

To earn your provisional (P1) licence, you must complete the following steps:

  • Take the Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
  • Hold your learner licence for at least 12 months (under 25)
  • Complete 120 hours of supervised driving including 20 hours night driving
  • Pass your driving test to earn your P1 licence

If your learner licence expires, you will need to pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) again and also perform the eyesight test, and pay the learner licence fee at a service centre.

In addition, if you passed the HPT more than 15 months ago, another successful completion of the HPT will be required before you can take your P1 driving test, in order to refresh your skills.

You Will Not Need To Retake Driving Lessons Or Redo Your Logbook If Your Learners Licence Expires

So, your learner licence can expire. Does that mean that you will have to redo your driver training and supervised driving logbook hours if you do not learn to drive within its expiration date?

The answer is “no!” Even if you do not get your P1 licence by the time your learner licence expires, your logbook hours – including the 20-40 hours you can get by taking professional driving instruction and the Safer Drivers Course – cannot expire.

If you want to build your driving skills and learn more about safe driving, but you are short on time and worried that your driving lessons will be wasted when your learner licence expires, don’t worry. Your logbook hours and driving lessons will never expire!

Your P1 Or P2 Licence Can Be Renewed At Any Time

If you have passed your driving test and the HPT and earned your P1 licence or your P2 licence, or you had an overseas licence and got a P1/P2 licence and are working toward your full licence, you don’t have to worry about time limits.

There is no maximum time period for a provisional driver to move through the licensing system. You can progress at your own pace. If your P1 or P2 licence is going to expire before you earn the next licence, all you will need to do is renew it by filling out a renewal form and heading to the nearest registry or service centre.

Driving Lessons Don’t Expire – And Neither Do The Skills You’ll Learn!

Driving lessons from LTrent Driving School will not expire, even if your learner licence does. And the skills you will learn from professional driving instructors are sure to help you become a safer driver. So don’t wait. Contact us now to book professional driving instruction, earn more logbook hours, and get the skills you need to drive safely!

For NSW learner drivers, take advantage of the Safer Drivers Course, which not only accounts for 20 of your logbook hours but will also teach you invaluable driving practices that will keep you safe for life.

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