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Christmas Holidays Driving Tips

Ltrent Christmas Driving Tips

Planning to drive to visit family or friends this holiday season? Here are a few top tips from LTrent Driving School that will help you stay safe throughout Christmas and the New Year!

1. Rest Up Before Your Drive

If you’re planning a road trip, one of the most important aspects of staying safe is getting a good night’s sleep. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to make sure you avoid drowsy driving. Driving while tired can be nearly as dangerous as distracted driving or drink driving.

2. Take Frequent Breaks During Long Trips

Lots of rest stops throughout Australia offer “Driver Reviver” stations with biscuits, coffee, and tea. Make sure to take advantage of these!

It’s a good idea to take a brief rest every hour or two while driving. This helps you recharge and stay alert when you drive on a long road trip. You may also want to consider swapping driving duties between licenced drivers every couple of hours so you can take a longer rest.

3. Be Aware Of Drink Driving Dangers, Particularly At Night

Night can be a dangerous time to drive at night during the holiday season. An unfortunate part of the holiday season is an increase in drink driving. Obviously, you should not drink and drive, as it’s extremely dangerous and will result in the loss of your licence.

You should also be careful during the holiday driving season to reduce your risks. Drive in the day when possible, and avoid driving very late at night.

Keep extra space between you and other drivers on the road, and if you notice erratic driving behaviours, consider slowing down to let the other driver in front of you, and notifying the police if you suspect drink driving.

4. Obey Speed Limits & Road Rules To Avoid Demerit Points

Some Australian territories and states like NSW and ACT have “double demerit point” periods during the holidays, usually from Christmas Eve to a few days after the New Year. This means if you break speed limits or violate other road rules, you’ll get double the demerit points on your licence.

In addition, police throughout Australia are on high alert for violations of the road rules, so you should take extra care when driving, particularly if you are a learner, P1, or P2 driver with low demerit limits. Even minor violations could result in a suspension of your licence and high fines and fees.

5. Anticipate Weather Conditions For Your Trip And Plan Accordingly

If there are heat advisories, heavy storms, or other inclement weather conditions on your drive or at your destination, make sure to plan accordingly. Plan to add more time into your trip, and take steps like bringing extra water, snacks, and first-aid kits if you suspect there may be weather-related issues on your trip.

Need More Safe Driving Tips? LTrent Driving School Is Here For You!

If you’re a learner driver, professional driving instruction from LTrent Driving School can help you become a safer and more confident driver all-year-round, including during the holiday season. Contact us online to learn more and schedule your first lessons. Learner Drivers should also undertake the Safer Drivers Course to maximise practical and theoretical knowledge of Safe Driving as well as add on 20 log book hours.

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