Driving Lessons In NSW For Disabled People | LTrent Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons In NSW For Disabled People

Driving Lessons In NSW For Disabled People | LTrent Driving Lessons

If you are a disabled individual who is learning how to drive or re-learning how to drive after an accident, LTrent Driving School is here to help. At our driving school, we specialise in working with disabled individuals who are learning how to drive. Learn more about our services below.

We Work With Occupational Therapists & The NDIS

At LTrent Driving School, we can work closely with your Occupational Therapist, the NDIS and Service NSW to create a customised lesson plan for your needs, based on your disability and the driving-related challenges that you may face.

Whether you have a learner licence or a P1 or P2 licence, we can provide you with all of the instruction and information that you need as you work toward a full licence in New South Wales and Victoria.

If you have not already done so, you can begin by contacting the NDIS and scheduling a driving assessment with a certified Occupational Therapist. Then, you can begin taking lessons at LTrent Driving School, and get NDIS funding for your lessons.

Our Specialist Instructors Are Here To Help

We have specialised instructors who work with disabled individuals in New South Wales and Victoria. Our driving instructors are patient, professional and knowledgeable, and will create lesson plans that will help you overcome your disability and learn how to drive safely and properly.

No matter the extent of your disability or the challenges that may face you as you learn how to drive, we are here to help – and we will always do our best to provide you with high-quality driving instruction.

We Offer Cars With Spinner Knobs In Some Areas Of NSW & VIC

In some areas of New South Wales and Victoria, we offer both manual and automatic transmission, dual-control cars that are equipped with spinner knobs. Spinner knobs are a common vehicle customisation for individuals with disabilities, which make it easier to control the vehicle and turn using one hand.

This may be necessary for those who have had a stroke and have impaired motor function, for individuals missing a hand, or for many other reasons. To learn more about the availability of LTrent instructors who can do lessons with students using a spinner knob, please contact us. Our specialist instructors are only available in some serviced suburbs.

Build Your Confidence & Driving Skills At LTrent Driving School

Whether you are newly-disabled, or you are a disabled person who has not yet taken the time to get their driver’s licence, LTrent Driving School is the best option for driving instruction in New South Wales & Victoria.

We use a customised, time-tested driving instruction system that will help you learn everything you need to know about road rules, safe driving habits, and so much more. Not only will you get hands-on training, but you will also learn about the theories and information behind safe driving habits – and you will get the knowledge you will need to get your learner’s licence, your P1 and P2 licence, and your full driver’s licence.

Contact Us Now To Get Started With Driving Lessons For Disabled People!

At LTrent Driving School, we believe that all drivers should have access to the tools and information they need to drive safely, and that includes disabled individuals. So don’t wait. Contact us on 02 8748 4500 to get started, and get the driving instruction you need! LTrent also provides the Safer Drivers Course which enables young drivers to learn safe driving habits from the get go.

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