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How to Drive Safely With Friends in the Car

How to Drive Safely With Friends in the Car | LTrent Driving School

When you are driving with passengers, you are responsible for ensuring their safety. But it’s easy to get distracted with friends in the car, here’s what you need to know to keep your focus on the road.

Don’t Show Off

When you’re driving with friends in the car, it can be tempting to show off. If you’ve just earned your driving licence and you are the first in your friendship group with their own car, you can find yourself facing enormous peer pressure to drive faster and more recklessly than you are comfortable with. Remember; you have nothing to prove to anyone else, attempting to drive outside of your comfort zone puts you and everyone else in your vehicle in danger.

Every year, numerous high school students across Australia suffer needless injuries because they want to impress their friends. The speed limit is there for a reason; sticking to it is integral to safe driving.

Choose Your Passengers Carefully

If you want to become a safer driver, you need to be conscious of your own abilities and shortcomings on the road. You should always aim to drive safely, but when you have passengers in the car, you are responsible for their safety as well. For an inexperienced driver, the added pressure can be a lot to handle.

It’s a good idea to start by only driving passengers you trust and whose advice you are happy to receive. Driving tips from other teen drivers can be helpful, but many people find backseat driving infuriating. Be selective about who you let in your car until you are confident in your abilities. Any passengers who distract you or cause you anxiety will make you less safe.

Avoid Distractions

There are enough distractions on the road as it is; you don’t need your passengers adding to them. As a driver, your focus needs to be on obeying traffic laws and remaining aware of other road users. If turning up the stereo enables you to block out distractions and maintain your focus, don’t be afraid to do so. Just remember that being able to hear other vehicles is just as important as being able to see them.

Have Confidence in Your Abilities

We all have that one friend that loves to criticise. When you are in control of your vehicle, you need to be able to block out these people and trust your own instincts. As long as you focus on developing good driving habits, you can use the road with confidence. Don’t let your friends’ perceptions of bad driving damage your self-confidence; know who to listen to and when. Self-doubt makes you a less safe driver; confidence is important.

Put Safety First

As the driver, you are responsible for the safety of every passenger in your car. It is your responsibility to insist that everybody wears a seatbelt and that you travel within the speed limit. Hopefully, you don’t need us to remind you not to use your cell phone while driving.

You should also be setting an example for everyone else in your vehicle. If you are the designated driver for you and your friends when you’re going to the pub, it is up to you to stay sober.
Drivers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their passengers. If you are going to let your friends ride in your car, make sure you are taking their safety seriously.

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