How to Be Seen in Traffic - Safety Driving Tip | LTrent Driving School Blog

How to Be Seen in Traffic – Safety Driving Tip

How to Be Seen in Traffic - Safety Driving Tip | LTrent Driving School Blog

When driving, it’s crucial for you to be aware of your surroundings and for others to be aware of you. Understand when you may be in someone’s blind spot or if there’s poor visibility. Every move you make should be completed early and carefully to ensure other drivers have time to see you.

Blind Spots

Remember that vehicles have several blind spots around them. Usually, these areas are at the back of the car and behind the car’s support structure. Be careful if you are in these areas of another vehicle when reversing or switching lanes.

When driving on the highway, be aware of larger vehicles, like trucks and buses, that have larger blind spots. Make sure there is enough space between yourself and other drivers so they can see you in their rear-view and side mirrors. Keep enough space between your car and the one in front of you.

Always use your turn signals to inform other drivers what you plan on doing. Allow enough time for other drivers to see your intention so they can prepare for your movement. If a driver is moving towards you, and you need to attract their attention, flash your headlights or tap your horn.

Poor Visibility

Visibility is considered poor when there is low daylight and when bad conditions decrease your view of people or vehicles within 100 metres; for a person with normal vision. Ensure that your headlights, brake lights and number plates lights are turned on. Extreme weather can make even paved roads more difficult to drive on. Keep track of your speed and adjust it if necessary.

Momentarily flash your high beams if necessary to let another driver know you’re there. Make sure to lower your headlight brightness when you’re within 200 metres of an oncoming vehicle and when you’re approaching another vehicle, not to obstruct their vision. Always use your fog and hazard lights in dangerous weather conditions.

Stay in Control

Not everyone follows the road rules, and accidents happen; make sure you stay safe and in control when driving. Try to avoid distractions, so you’re fully aware of what is happening around you. Anything that takes your attention away from the road is a distraction; driving requires your full attention.

Check your mirrors frequently, and be aware of what is ahead of you. Your eyes should always be moving, looking for signs of aggressive driving from other vehicles. Slow down or pull over to avoid dangerous drivers if you need to. It may be difficult to see pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists; be aware of this when driving. Always be considerate of other drivers while looking out for yourself. Don’t assume someone will move out of the way for you or allow you to merge.

The best way to steer clear of possible dangers while driving is to position yourself where you can easily see others, and they can see you. It’s essential to have an alternate path of travel. Make sure to leave yourself a way out, somewhere you can move your car if your path gets blocked suddenly.

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