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The Best Places To Practice Driving In Western Sydney

The Best Places To Practice Driving In Western Sydney | LTrent Driving School Blog

If you’re at the start of your driving adventure or seeking to refine your abilities, you might be curious about the best locations in Western Sydney for perfecting your driving skills.

Fortunately, the regions around Parramatta, Blacktown, Liverpool, Penrith, and their neighbouring areas are filled with excellent locations that offer the perfect environment to grasp driving fundamentals and boost your confidence on the road.

In this LTrent Driving School Guide, we’ll share with you some of our favourite picks for the ideal places to practise driving in Western Sydney, tailored to suit drivers at various stages of their learning process.

Where to Practise Driving for Learners in Western Sydney

1. For Beginner Drivers

Empty School Car Parks In Evenings & Weekends

If you’ve never sat behind the wheel before, or you’ve only driven for a few hours, it’s a good idea to get a handle on the basics of driving before you head out on public roads. That’s why we always recommend that you start out in an empty car park.

One of the best places to find empty car parks is in schools. On evenings and on weekends, there are usually wide, open parking areas where there are no obstacles except for the occasional streetlamp, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with other drivers.

You should continue driving in car parks until you have a handle on the basics of shifting gears, braking and accelerating, reversing, using your turn signals, and operating all of the other basic systems in a car.

Keep in mind that schools may have sporting events on weekends, so ensure you pick a time that ensures there are no people and cars about.

2. For Intermediate Drivers

Silverwater & Other Nearby Industrial Areas On Weekends

After mastering the basics in a car park, intermediate drivers should progress to practicing on public roads, with industrial areas being ideal for this next step. Locations like Silverwater near Parramatta or similar light industrial areas near your suburb offer perfect conditions for further honing your driving skills.

On the weekends, these areas are mostly abandoned, with not much traffic. In addition, the roads in industrial areas are usually quite wide, since trucks and heavy equipment often come through them. This means that you will have plenty of space to learn how to operate your car safely.

We would not recommend practising in industrial areas around Parramatta Road, as they remain busy on both weekdays and weekends, and can be unnerving even for experienced drivers.

3. For Experienced Drivers

Near The Service NSW Centre Where You’ll Take Your Driving Test

If you’ve mastered the basics of driving on public roads, you should consider driving around the area where you plan to take your driving test. You can click here to see a list of Service NSW centres, and determine which area is convenient for you.

We recommend doing this because it will build your confidence before it’s time to take your drive test. You’ll know more about where traffic lights, stop signs, and other road elements are when it’s time to take the test, and you can practise following proper road rules in a real world environment. By mastering the area near the Service NSW centre where you’ll be tested, you can get a lot of helpful experience that will ensure your success.

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At LTrent Driving School, we offer professional driving instruction throughout all of Sydney, including Western Sydney and all of its suburbs. With the help of our experienced driving instructors, you can improve your driving skills, boost your confidence, and make sure you pass your driving test on the first try. We also provide the Safer Drivers Course for NSW learner drivers to gain the right skills and stay safe on the road.

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