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What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson

What To Do In Your First Driving Lesson | LTrent Driving School

Embarking on your first driving lesson can feel like stepping into uncharted territory, filled with both excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation. As you gear up to navigate the roads under the guidance of a professional instructor, it’s natural to wonder about the journey that lies ahead.

This blog is designed to demystify that initial experience, offering you a clear roadmap of what to anticipate from your driving instructor and your first session behind the wheel. Whether you’re aiming for your provisional licence or simply taking the first step in your driving journey, LTrent is here to ensure you’re fully equipped and ready to embark on this new adventure with confidence.

What Will You Learn on Your First Driving Lesson

1. Overview Of Car Controls & Basic Concepts

You’ll meet your instructor at the place you’ve specified. They will be in a dual controlled car – meaning the vehicle has a set of accelerator and brake pedals on the passenger side. Your instructor will drive you to a quiet road or car park.

The first lesson your instructor will give you is all about controlling a car properly. You’ll get in the driver’s seat, and the instructor will explain basic car controls – accelerator and brakes, steering, windshield wipers, and more. Don’t worry – if you’re a more experienced driver, this step of the lesson plan may be skipped.

2. Learn The “Cockpit Drill”

The cockpit drill is a fundamental routine that every driver should perform before starting their vehicle. It involves a series of checks and adjustments to ensure that the driving environment is safe, comfortable, and tailored to the driver’s needs. The main components of the cockpit drill include:

  • Checking that your doors are properly shut
  • Adjusting the seat & steering to a comfortable position
  • Securing seatbelts
  • Adjusting mirrors
  • Final checks (making sure the car is in gear, parking brake is off, etc.)
  • Turning on the engine
  • The first step of safety while learning to drive is to make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for operation, so this is an important drill to learn.

By performing the cockpit drill every time you enter the vehicle, you make it a habit to check that everything is set up correctly for a safe and comfortable drive. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and contribute to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Begin Driving Based On Your Comfort Level

An LTrent driving instructor won’t make you do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you have never driven your car before, you’ll simply go to an empty car park, and your instructor will give you a few manoeuvres to try at a low speed, like driving around a light pole or other obstacles, parking or backing into a parking spot, and other such basic things that you should master before trying to drive on public roads.

If you have a bit more experience and have been on public roads before, your instructor will direct you to drive to a quiet road where you can demonstrate your skills further. They will provide you with further instructions, feedback, and tips on driving safety that you can incorporate into your driving right away.

You will be completely safe during this process. Your instructor will do their best to avoid any situations you’re not comfortable with – and with a dual-control car, your instructor can hit the brakes or accelerate in the rare event that there is a dangerous situation on the road.

Driving Lessons Tailored To Your Skill Level & Your Needs

Driving lessons are not “one size fits all” – and LTrent driving instructors know this. Whether you’re a complete novice and have never stepped behind the wheel, or you’ve already learned some of the basics with a supervising driver like a parent, your instructor will develop a lesson plan that’s perfect for improving your skills.

Book Lessons with Professional LTrent Instructors

If you’re ready to get started, LTrent offers driving lessons for learners all throughout NSW, ACT and QLD. With bulk booking discounts for multiple lessons and certified, professional instructors, we’re always here to empower learner drivers with the knowledge they need to learn to drive safely, for life.

LTrent also offers the Safer Driver Course, which is made up of 3 hours in class and 2 hours of in car lessons, with which you can record a total of 20 hours in your logbook. Get started with LTrent Driving School and book your driving lessons today.

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