Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Sydney | LTrent

Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Sydney

Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Sydney | LTrent

If you’re learning to drive and you want to practice what you’ve learned about Sydney’s road rules, you may be wondering where you should begin practicing to drive. It’s a good idea to start small if you’re a learner driver – and to avoid things like high-speed roads, dense urban areas, and crowded car parks.

So, where can learner drivers practice in Sydney and the surrounding areas? Here are a few of the top picks from LTrent Driving School. Take a look now, and you’ll be able to practice in a comfortable, safe environment!

1. Car Parks Throughout Sydney

Before you try taking your car on any public roads, you should make sure that you have a good basic understanding of how to drive. From steering to braking, accelerating, and operating basic functions like turn indicators, windshield wipers, etc.

The best way to do this in a low-stress environment is in a car park. There are innumerable car parks throughout Sydney where you can practice driving.

Our recommendation is to practice at a school after-hours. Primary and secondary schools have huge parking lots which are almost always completely abandoned after school has let out for the day.

Plan to get there around 5 or 6 PM, and you’ll be able to practice without worrying about any other cars. You can also practice at school parking lots on the weekends.

2. University Of Western Sydney (Weekends)

On the weekends, Western Sydney University is almost completely abandoned, and has little traffic on its roads. It also has plenty of large car parks, so you can practice driving in the car park until you feel comfortable, then drive around the local roads to get more familiar with driving on a real road.

3. Macquarie University (Weekends)

Macquarie University is suburban, and has very little traffic on the weekends. It has some larger main roads and smaller streets where you can practice lots of different driving situations, and boost your driving skills. Once you’re comfortable on public roads, it’s a great destination for practicing driving.

4. Sydney Olympic Park (Daytime Weekdays)

Once you’ve done some basic driving around car parks and on isolated campuses like Macquarie University and University of Western Sydney, you’ll be much more comfortable with your vehicle.

Next, going to Sydney Olympic Park is a great choice to build your driving skills. It’s nearly completely abandoned during the day, particularly on weekdays. It has a little bit of everything, including:

  • Intersections with traffic lights and roundabouts
  • Turn offs
  • High speed roads
  • Parking lots

Since there is little-to-no traffic, you can learn how to handle these different road elements without too much stress or worrying about other vehicles, so this is an ideal place to build your driving skills.

5. Industrial Areas In Sydney

For drivers who have more experience, we recommend driving around industrial areas in Sydney like Botany, Banksmeadow, Milperra, Padstow and Silverwater. Traffic is usually pretty sparse in industrial areas, so you can drive around comfortably.

In addition, you’ll likely encounter trucks and larger vehicles in these areas, due to the presence of industrial companies. Driving around heavy vehicles is an essential skill for drivers, so practicing in these industrial areas is a great way to improve your overall driving ability.

Check Out These Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Sydney!

Practice makes perfect. So take a look at our recommendations for the top places to practice for learner drivers in Sydney – and start improving your own driving skills! Need help, or interested in professional driving instruction? LTrent Driving School is the best choice in the area. Contact us now, and learn more about our lesson packages in Sydney or the  Safer Drivers Course which provides learner drivers in class and car coaching sessions. Call 02 8748 4500 or book your lessons online.

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