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What If I Fail My Driving Test? What Happens And What To Do Next

What If I Fail My Driving Test? What Happens And What To Do Next | LTrent Driving Lessons

You’ve failed your driving test. And while it may feel like the end of the world, it’s not! Your chances of passing on your first go are about 40%. People fail the driving test all the time, even if they’ve practiced driving for hundreds of hours.

But what happens when learner drivers fail to pass the first time? What should you do next, and when can you take the practical driving test again? Find out now in this blog from LTrent Driving School.

What Happens After I Fail?

When you return to the registry, your testing officer will calculate your test score based on their notes during your drive test. Then, you’ll be called to the counter. If you pass, you’ll get your P1 license.

If you fail, you’ll be able to look at your score sheet and see where you can improve. The testing officer may make a few comments about how you can improve. However, they cannot say anything about specific situations or events. You will need to draw upon their general comments to determine where you may have made a mistake.

Why Would I Have Failed The Driving Test?

Driving tests are failed for lots of reasons. But breaking the road rules and driving unsafely are usually the two root causes of these failures. Remember that you must make 3 or fewer errors in your pre-drive checklist, no “critical errors” and no more than 15 total errors while driving during your test.

A few common things that can contribute to failure include:

  • Not performing head checks on blind spots
  • Failing to signal properly
  • Disobeying traffic signs, signals, or markings
  • Not coming to complete stops at red lights or stop signs
  • Performing illegal acts or manoeuvres
  • Speeding (or driving too slowly)

What Do I Do Now? When Can I Rebook?

After you fail your driving test, there’s nothing to do but wait. You can rebook your test at the testing centre immediately, but you must wait a minimum of seven days before you can take the test again.

But don’t let this shake your confidence. Once you book your next test, get back out there and get some more practice, or consider booking a driving lesson or two to address areas where your driving skills may be weak.

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