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What to Do If You Fail Your Driving Test: Next Steps and Tips for Success

What If I Fail My Driving Test? What Happens And What To Do Next | LTrent Driving Lessons

Failing your driving test may feel disappointing, but it’s essential to remember that it’s a common occurrence. Many learners fail their driving test, even after extensive practice. LTrent Driving School understands the challenges and aims to provide guidance on what happens next and how to improve. Let’s explore the steps to take after failing your driving test.

What Happens After Failing the Test?

When you return to the testing centre, the examiner will assess your test performance and calculate your score based on their observations. If you pass, you will receive your P1 licence. However, if you fail, you will be provided with a score sheet, highlighting areas for improvement. The examiner may offer general comments on how you can enhance your driving skills. It’s crucial to read through and reflect on their feedback and identify the specific areas where you may have made mistakes.

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Reasons for Failing the Driving Test

There are various reasons why learners fail their driving tests, with breaking road rules and unsafe driving being the primary culprits. It’s important to remember that during the test, you should aim for three or fewer errors in your pre-drive checklist, no “critical errors,” and no more than 15 total errors while driving.

Common factors that contribute to test failure include:

  • Neglecting to perform head checks on blind spots
  • Incorrect or insufficient use of indicators
  • Disobeying traffic signs, signals, or road markings
  • Failing to make complete stops at red lights or stop signs
  • Engaging in illegal manoeuvres or acts
  • Driving at excessive speeds or driving too slowly

What to Do Next: When Can You Rebook?

After failing your driving test, it’s important to remain positive and determined. While you can rebook your test immediately at the testing centre, you must wait for a minimum of seven days before retaking the test. Use this waiting period to review the areas where you struggled and focus on improving your driving skills.

Consider taking additional driving lessons to address any weak areas or seek guidance from professional instructors. LTrent Driving School, renowned for its expertise in NSW, QLD and ACT, offers comprehensive driving lessons designed to increase your chances of success. Booking lessons with LTrent will provide you with the necessary training and correct driving techniques to enhance your skills and confidence.


Failing your driving test is not the end of the road. It’s an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, reflect on feedback, and improve your driving skills. Remember to book your next test after the mandatory waiting period and use the time to practise and address any weak areas.

Consider taking driving lessons with LTrent Driving School to receive expert guidance and increase your chances of passing. Book your first lesson online today and embark on the journey towards becoming a skilled and confident driver.

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