Most Common Driving Test Mistakes | LTrent Driving School Australia

Most Common Driving Test Mistakes

Most Common Driving Test Mistakes | LTrent Driving School Australia

There are a variety of mistakes that can be made during a driving test. That doesn’t mean you need to be nervous, though! In fact, familiarising yourself with these most commonly seen mistakes can help prepare you for your test and can make you more comfortable behind the wheel.

As long as you’re making sure to pay attention during your driving lessons and are actively asking questions of your driving instructor, you’ll be able to better prepare yourself for everything your driving test will explore!

Remember, common driving  mistakes are ones that are easily made – but they’re also easily avoided with a little bit of care and precaution.

Some of these most common mistakes are ones that can be simple things that are overlooked. For example, maintain the speed limit make sure that you come to a complete stop at all stop signs and red lights during your driving test. Rolling stops will not be considered a complete stop, and can even get you failed!

You’ll also want to make sure you’re aware of all rules and regulations when it comes to turning left at a green light, especially when it comes to knowing the correct right-of-way. This is something that is likely to come up during your exam, so it’s definitely something to be comfortable with!

Reverse parking is yet another thing that you’ll want to make sure you have down before you take your exam. Don’t schedule your driving test until you feel confident with your ability to reverse and park in any number of situations.

Be sure to frequently check your blind spot and practice your merging with oncoming traffic so that you’re confident before you get behind the wheel with your testing officer.

Practical driving is going to be the key to your success with your driving test, so making sure to get as much from your driving lessons and driving school as possible is very important.

LTrent Driving Lessons

With LTrent Driving School, the goal is to not only help you understand and retain the rules of the road, but to make you feel comfortable as you take your test and as you go into solo driving. Be sure you’re getting the most from your lessons by asking questions of your driving instructors and being sure to have them clarify if there’s something that you don’t understand.

Many learner drivers may feel intimidated by driving test mistakes and driving schools in general, but there really are a number of ways to use what you learn in school to both pass your test and to be a better driver!

Your comfort level is going to be key when it comes to surviving the driving test. No matter what you’re facing – stop signs, traffic lights, or other general road rules, staying calm and recalling your lessons from your driving school is the best way to help you prepare for your driving test.

Before you take your test, your LTrent driving instructor will make sure that you’re fully prepared. This preparedness refers to your general knowledge and your overall comfort behind the wheel – and these instructors really do know a driver who’s ready when they see them!

Trent On Road Test

The Trent On Road Test (TORT) is a practice test that takes place around the testing centre. We provide useful feedback on whether you would’ve passed or failed while also highlighting areas that you need to work on.

Once your driving instructor has sensed that you’re ready, they’ll help you schedule the driving test. There’s no need to be nervous – just remember to stay calm and keep what you’ve learned in your driving lessons in mind.

There is no end-all, be-all guide to the driving test, but remembering these kinds of common driving mistakes can certainly help you avoid them when you’re taking the test!

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