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10 Reasons Why You Might Not Pass Your Driving Test

10 Reasons Why You Might Not Pass Your Driving Test | LTrent Driving School We can all relate to sitting in the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel, and anxiously checking the mirrors watching the driving instructor out of the corner of our eye for any sudden moves. Obtaining your driver’s licence can be stressful with performance anxiety, the struggle is real.

Passing your driving test gives you the wings of freedom to explore the world and be self-sufficient. Taking driver lessons at a qualified driving school can help you pass the first time. Here are the 10 top reasons why people fail the driving test.

1. You Are Not Familiar With The Road User’s Handbook

Being familiar with the Road User’s Handbook increases your chances of passing the test. As with any test you take, preparation is crucial. Understanding the information in the Road User’s Handbook will allow you to practice driving within the rules of the road. A driving school can help navigate you through this.

2. You Didn’t Practice Driving

Reading the Road User’s Handbook is half the battle. Now, you must apply what you have learned. Although you may have logged several hundreds of hours on Grand Theft Auto, it doesn’t translate to the relevant driving experience you learn on the roadway. Learner drivers must gain some vital experience in this area.

3. Not Using A Passable Vehicle

Part of passing the test is showing up in a reliable, inspected vehicle. Driving schools have driving instructor’s vehicles that you are able to use to pass the test. You also have the advantage of being familiar with the vehicle from your driving lessons.

4. Not Having A Licenced Person With You

Bringing a driving instructor with you will increase your chances of passing. They can calm you down and give you the reassurance that you need. Your driving instructor can also review the checklist with you and may have to drive you home after passing due to the rapture you will feel after passing.

5. Not Sleeping The Night Before

Not getting a proper night’s rest can affect how alert you are and correlates with your driving ability. Going to bed confident that you did everything you could to be fully prepared will help with the stress and allow you to sleep.

6. Not Bringing The Required Documentation

Knowing what you need to bring with you and having it present is critical. If you don’t show up with the right documentation, you won’t be able to pass the test.

7. Failing To Check Your Blind Spots

During the test, you must check for blind spots. This is a habit that should have been picked up during driving lessons.

8. Failing To Observe Traffic Signals

If you do not understand what signals mean, this will be a huge detriment to your test. During your test, you must observe stop signs, traffic lights, and all other signage in order to pass the test.

9. Not Adjusting Your Mirrors & Seat Belt

One of the first things, when you get into the car to do, is making sure everything is suited to your needs. You will be docked points if you attempt to adjust mirrors while going down the roadway.

10. Being Uncertain On The Road

Confidence is key when you are on the road with other vehicles. Get the experience you need to nail that reverse parking before attempting the test. If you show up to your test fully prepared, your chances of passing are far greater.


There are a lot of ways that a person can fail a driving test. The key is to prepare yourself and go in with an arsenal of knowledge and a tracked record of experience. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be to pass the driver’s test on the first try.

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