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Can A Learner Driver Go On The Motorway

Can A Learner Driver Go On The Motorway | LTrent Driving School Learning how to drive comes with several challenges to overcome. These challenges are able to be overcome with driving experience and mental preparedness. Driving on a motorway is no different and presents a greater set of challenges with bigger consequences.

Motorways are high-traffic, accelerated speed areas that require some skill in:

  • Foreseeing hazards
  • Being aware of other drivers
  • Having skills in evasive action
  • Knowing the rules of the road
  • Being a confident driver
  • Handling the car at accelerating speeds & space judgement
  • Having no distractions

Motorway driving for the first time can be intimidating. There are also specific rules that learner drivers must adhere to or suffer demerit points. It is strongly recommended that learner drivers test their skills with an approved driving instructor before entertaining motorways, yes, learner drivers can go on the motorway, but should be prepared to do so.

The combination of high speeds and driver interaction can result in being killed or seriously injured if you have not gained considerable driving experience. In order to drive safely, it is encouraged to enrol in a qualified driving school.

Safety For Learner Drivers On Motorways & Dual Carriageway

One way to ensure safety on the motorway is to be escorted onto one with an approved driving instructor and dual control. Dual control is found in training vehicles that allow the instructor to take control of the car in an emergency situation.

This promotes safety for both the learner driver and all surrounding traffic. Motorway driving experience will help you with the driving test, but it is necessary to establish a safe regiment for getting on the road, which means no distractions. Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving and is usually the largest obstacle that learner drivers have to face.

The no use policy for mobile phones extends to hands-free for learner drivers. All forms of mobile phone use are prohibited as they can distract a learner driver from driving safely.

A common mistake is for a learner driver to start feeling overconfident, or not pay proper attention to the gauges in the car to observe the posted speed limit. The instructor will be able to monitor the learner and promote safe practices while simultaneously reminding the learner driver of the rules ensuring they drive safely.

Driving Schools & Safer Driving Courses

When learning to drive, driving schools can be an essential part of education. They are trained professionals who have mastered the field of teaching what learner drivers need to know in order to operate safely on motorways, dual carriageways, and on every road in-between.

The focused, intensive coursework coupled with the consistency of logging in driving hours under a variety of conditions leads to a confident, well-versed driver that can not only pass the driving test but practice driving safely every day.

Driving schools make learner drivers aware of the many strict rules and regulations that apply to them while learning to drive. A few key ones that are emphasized:

  • Do not tow vehicles
  • Only drive cars
  • Must be supervised at all times with a full licence holder
  • Uphold proper L plate display

To name just a few. Knowing the rules is the key to being able to apply them. Safer driving courses can elevate the knowledge and experience learned in driving courses.


Learner drivers can go on motorways, but it is encouraged to send them with the proper tools to ensure safety for them and everyone on the road. The ease of learning comes with knowledge absorbed in the classroom and applied to the road.

In NSW, students who wish to become better drivers can attend the Safer Drivers Course which is a combination of on road and in class learning. Book the course or a driving lessons with LTrent online or give us a call at (02) 8748 4500 to get started.

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