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Can A NSW Learner Driver Drive in Victoria

Can A NSW Learner Driver Drive in Victoria | LTrent Driving SchoolWondering what rules apply to learner drivers from NSW who want to drive on Victorian roads? Not sure if you’re allowed to drive in Victoria if you have a NSW learner permit and are learning to drive?

In this blog from LTrent Driving School, we’ll take you through the basics that young drivers from NSW need to know before trying to drive in Victoria.

If You have A NSW Learner Permit, You Can Drive In Victoria

First and foremost, a NSW learner permit does not let you only drive in NSW. You can drive in Victoria and every other Australian territory, as well. If you’re learning to drive and are interested in racking up some highway hours or exploring new places, you’re completely free to drive in Victoria on an NSW learner permit.

However, there are some requirements you must meet if you want to use your NSW learner’s driver licence to drive in Victoria.

Your licence/learner permit must be current and valid

You must not be currently disqualified from driving anywhere in Australia (due to revocation of your licence for if you drive under the influence of drugs or exceed the blood alcohol limit, for example)

You must be medically fit, and of sound enough body and mind to operate a vehicle safely on Victorian roads

All other rules for learner drivers also apply. For example, you must be accompanied by a fully licenced driver at all times when driving in Victoria, and it is illegal to drive and use your mobile phone, even with a hands free system.

You Must Follow All Victorian Road Rules When Driving In Victoria

When you are driving in Victoria, you are subject to all Victorian road rules – just as a learner driver from Victoria would be subject to all NSW road rules when driving in New South Wales.

Broadly speaking, the rules for both VIC and NSW are very similar. However, there are some differences. In NSW, learner drivers may not exceed 90 km/h in speed, but in VIC, all drivers are allowed to drive up to the posted speed limit.

In addition, while U-turns in NSW are only allowed at intersections with signs and markings permitting them, VIC is the opposite. You can make a u-turn at any intersection unless it has signs and markings prohibiting a U-turn.

Failure to comply with Victorian road rules could lead to demerit points when driving, even with a NSW learner licence, so make sure you know all of the rules and regulations that may apply while driving in Victoria.

Stay Safe (And Legal) When Driving In Victoria With A NSW Learner Licence

You can drive in Victoria as a NSW learner driver. Just make sure you’re following the laws and requirements of both NSW and Victoria where appropriate – and follow all applicable road rules to avoid demerit points and stay safe on the road.

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