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Can I Drive Barefoot in NSW?

Can I Drive Barefoot in NSW - Ltrent Driving School Sydney

Navigating the world of driving in New South Wales can bring up many questions, particularly around what’s deemed appropriate behind the wheel. One topic that consistently piques the curiosity of learner and provisional drivers is the matter of driving barefoot or in thongs. If you’ve been pondering over this or wondering about the ins and outs of wearing thongs while driving, LTrent Driving School is here to clear the air for you.

Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in New South Wales?

There’s a common myth that there’s a specific NSW road rule that bans driving without shoes. However, that’s not the case. In actuality, the NSW road rules don’t explicitly mention footwear while driving.

Understanding Road Rule 297

However, “road rule 297” is often brought into this conversation. This rule emphasises that drivers must always maintain proper control of their vehicle. If you’re barefoot and it interferes with your control over the brake pedal or other controls, you might find yourself violating this rule. So, whether you’re wearing high heels or considering driving in thongs, if it impedes your ability to control the car effectively, it could be a breach of this rule.

Can I Wear Thongs Whilst Driving?

Are you considering driving in thongs? Be cautious. They can easily slip or become an obstruction. Similarly, other forms of inappropriate footwear, such as high heels, can compromise your control over the vehicle. The main point? It’s legal to drive barefoot or in thongs, but ensure your choice doesn’t impede your ability to drive safely.

Can I do my driving test barefoot in NSW?

A related query we often encounter at LTrent Driving School is: “Can I do my driving test barefoot in NSW?” While it’s not directly illegal to drive barefoot, during the test, examiners may prefer you to wear shoes that ensure you can maintain proper control, in line with rule 297.

Arriving for your test in thongs or other deemed inappropriate footwear might result in the examiner suggesting a change of shoes or even a rescheduled test. To keep things smooth, wear comfortable, suitable shoes for your driving test.

What sort of footwear should I not drive in?

Choosing to wear high heels, stilettos, heavy work boots, thongs, or any other footwear that has the potential to compromise your control over the vehicle is not recommended. These types of shoes can interfere with your ability to operate pedals efficiently, possibly leading to unsafe driving conditions.

Setting Up Learner Drivers for Success

Driving in New South Wales, like anywhere else, comes with its unique set of challenges and rules. While driving barefoot isn’t directly against the law, always aim to prioritise safety, ensuring you have complete control over the vehicle, as per rule 297.

At LTrent Driving School, we’re all about empowering our learners with knowledge and safe driving practices. Remember that while no direct demerit points exist for driving barefoot, a lack of control due to unsuitable footwear can lead to penalties.

Drive wisely and stay informed. For any further questions or guidance, LTrent Driving School is here to support your journey on the road. Get professional instruction or enrol in our Safer Drivers Course today!

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