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Driving In Canberra: ACT Road Rules Handbook

Driving In Canberra: ACT Road Rules Handbook | LTrent Driving School

If you’re getting a driver’s licence in Canberra, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with ACT road rules before you begin driving on ACT roads. Whether you’re a learner driver, or you’ve obtained a licence in another region of Australia, ignorance isn’t an excuse if you break the law.

That means you need to study the ACT Road Rules Handbook. But what is this handbook? How do you get it, and what does it contain? Read on, and learn everything you need to know in this guide from LTrent Driving School.

What Is The ACT Road Rules Handbook?

The ACT Road Rules Handbook contains everything you need to know about driving legally in Australian Capital Territory.

From information about speed limitations and using mobile devices while driving, to passing safely, indicating turns, and much more, this guide contains all of the information that you need to learn how to drive safely in ACT.

This booklet is a valuable resource for new learner drivers. You will need to study this book in order to pass the ACT driver knowledge test and get your learner driver’s licence in ACT.

How Do I Get The ACT Road Rules Handbook?

You can get a physical copy of the ACT Road Rules Handbook at a service centre in ACT, but you can also access it for free online. Visit the official ACT Road Rules page from Access Canberra to see an online, PDF, and .DOC version of the latest ACT Road Rules Handbook.

Do I Need To Study The ACT Road Rules Handbook If I Am Licenced In Another Region?

If you have moved to ACT with an interstate driver licence, you must obtain an ACT licence within 3 months of moving to Australian Capital Territory. To do this, just present your licence at any Access Canberra Service Centre.

To get your new licence, you will have to complete a licence application form, pass an eyesight test, and pay an application fee. There is no need to take another driver’s knowledge test.

However, we still recommend that you download and study the ACT Road Rules Handbook. ACT has some traffic laws and road rules that are different from other regions of Australia. If you’re not aware of these rules, you may violate them and be subject to fees and get demerit points if you’re cited for a violation.

For example, the default speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km/h in ACT, and this is raised to 100 km/h in rural areas, unless there is a sign that shows a higher or lower speed limit. But in the Northern Territory of Australia, the limit is 60 km/h in built-up areas, and 110 km/h in rural areas.

Make Sure To Study The ACT Road Rules Handbook Before Driving On ACT Roads!

If you’re a learner driver and you want to get your learner’s licence, studying the ACT Road Rules Handbook is essential for passing your driver’s knowledge test.

And if you have moved to the ACT from another region of Australia, you may still want to brush up on the basics to make sure you do not accidentally violate road rules that could result in demerit points on your licence or high fines.

Need help learning the basics of ACT Road Rules, and driving safely after you get your learner licence in Canberra or elsewhere in ACT? LTrent Driving School is here to help. Find a driving instructor near you, and book driving lessons in Canberra online today.

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