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Driving Lessons Are More Important Now Than Ever

Driving Lessons Are More Important Now Than Ever | LTrent Blog LTrent Driving School serves Sydney, NSW and VIC with professional driving instruction for learner drivers of all ages. And if you want to pass your driving test on the first try, drive safely, and improve your skills as a driver, it’s more important than ever to work with a driving school like LTrent.

Why? Read on, and see just a few reasons why it’s so critical for learner drivers to get professional driving instruction as they learn how to operate a vehicle on NSW & VIC roads.

1. Learn More About Road Rules While Driving On The Road

Driving with a licenced driver doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll learn everything you need to know about NSW & VIC road rules. Many older drivers instinctively know road rules and laws, and may not think to explain them to you when you’re practising your driving. They’ll just expect you to know what they already know, which can be a bit frustrating for new learner drivers.

But a professional driving instructor doesn’t just tell you what to do – they will explain the laws you need to follow, why they’re important, and why they’ve been implemented. This helps you learn everything you need to know to follow all applicable road rules when driving.

Not only does this keep you safe, but it also ensures that you won’t accidentally violate traffic laws while you’re on your Ls or your Ps – which could result in a months-long licence suspension, in some cases.

2. Practice Defensive Driving And Avoid Bad Driving Habits That Can Impact Your Safety

The term “defensive driving” refers to habits that maximize your safety, such as controlling your speed, being alert while driving, preparing to react to the actions of other drivers and pedestrians, and maintaining a safe following distance.

Driving with an instructor helps you learn more about defensive driving techniques and how to operate your car safely. It also helps reduce bad driving habits that may affect your safety, such as distracted driving, not maintaining the proper distance between your vehicle and other cars, or going too fast into a bend and having to apply the brakes part way through your turn.

3. Improve Confidence Behind The Wheel

Learning proper driving techniques and the rules of the road help you feel more confident when operating your vehicle. This is essential for safe driving. If you feel nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward behind the wheel, you may not be able to react correctly to unexpected situations on the road.

In contrast, you’re more likely to know what to do if you’ve had enough experience behind the wheel to build your confidence, and have learned proper safe driving techniques from a professional instructor.

4. Pass Your Driving Test On The First Go

It’s not easy to pass your driving test on the first go. An NSW government survey done in 2017 found that, out of 233,000 driving tests, only about 58% resulted in a pass.

A more recent survey found that only about 49% of drive tests throughout all of Australia resulted in a pass – which is a ten-year-low for Australia. Many people have to take their driving test 2, 3, or even more than 4 times to get their P plates.

But if you learn to drive with the help of a professional driving instructor, you can boost your pass rate by quite a bit.

At LTrent Driving School, we focus on building the driving skills that you need to drive confidently, and to avoid common problems that may stop you from passing on your first go while driving the car during your test, such as:

  • Improper signalling
  • Poor gap selection
  • Failing to check your mirrors or your blind spot
  • Parallel parking manoeuvres and reversing

Our instructors focus on addressing your weaknesses, and helping you improve in the areas that will ensure you pass on your first go!

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At LTrent Driving School, we’re one of the best driving schools in all of NSW & VIC, and we serve customers throughout Sydney and all of the surrounding suburbs. Today, it’s more important than ever to get driving lessons.

Today’s low drive test pass rates mean that it’s tough to earn your Ps. But thanks to our instructors, you’ll be able to build your skills and confidence, and have the best possible shot at passing on your first go. LTrent Driving School also provides the Safer Drivers Course for NSW learner drivers to gain the right skills and stay safe on the road.  Book a driving lesson online, and get the help you need.

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