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Driving Lessons During School Holidays

LTrent School Holiday Driving Classes

If you would like to prepare for your driving test, scheduling driver training with professional driving instructors in NSW and VIC may seem like a great idea.

But you may have some questions about the availability of driving schools and driving instructors during school holidays. Can you book lessons during school holidays? Get the answers you need from LTrent Driving School now!

Can I Book Driving Lessons During School Holidays?

Yes! Many driving instructors and driving schools, including LTrent Driving School, offer driving lessons during VIC and NSW school holidays. This is a very popular time for learner drivers to get some extra logbook hours and practice for their driving tests.

However, demand is also higher during these times, so you may run into issues with driving instructor availability unless you book well in advance. So we encourage learner drivers to find an experienced driving instructor ASAP to book lessons during school holidays.

And as you might expect, most instructors don’t offer lessons on major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, so keep this in mind when you’re thinking about scheduling your lessons in NSW or VIC.

The Benefits Of Booking Driving Lessons During School Holidays

The biggest benefit of booking driving lessons during school holidays is a more relaxed scheduling process, which allows you to book lessons during different times of the day. For example, if you’re a student, you may normally only be able to drive in the evenings, at nights, and on the weekends.

But when you book lessons during school holidays, you can drive at any time of day if you’re out of school. This helps give you more real-world driving experience! Traffic patterns are often different in the mornings, at lunchtime, and in the afternoon, so you’ll build valuable driving skills and experience.

Learner Drivers Should Prepare For Heavier Traffic In Some Areas During School Holidays

It’s important to note that, during school holidays – particularly Christmas break – traffic may be heavier in many areas of NSW and VIC, particularly highways, city centres, and areas with lots of retail stores. More people are driving to visit family, take trips, shop for presents, and for other such purposes.

However, traffic will be lower around major universities and schools, and industrial areas often also experience lower traffic, since businesses in the area may be closed or operating on reduced hours during holidays, particularly around Christmas and the New Year. Keep this in mind when determining where you want to drive with your professional driving instructor.

Interested In Driving Lessons During School Holidays? Contact LTrent Driving School!

School holiday periods are a great time to get professional driving instruction in NSW and VIC, but demand is high, so make sure you contact LTrent Driving School to schedule your lessons with a professional driving instructor right away.

To get started, contact LTrent Driving School or book your lessons online today.

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