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Driving Rules For The Christmas Period

Driving Rules in Christmas Ltrent

Wondering what rules are in place for drivers during the Christmas period in NSW? Let’s take a look at additional rules you may need to follow, and provide you some top tips that will help you stay safe while driving during the Christmas and New Year holiday periods. 

NSW Has Christmas And New Year Double Demerit Point Regulations In Place

Every year, NSW implements double demerit periods, which typically run from Christmas Eve to January 3. During these times, all demerit point penalties are doubled for all drivers including learner drivers, P platers, and fully-licenced drivers. Note, however, that this does not double any fines incurred when driving. Double demerit periods only double demerits, not fines. 

Tips For Driving During The Christmas Period – Avoid Demerits!

To avoid double demerits on your licence as a learner, P1 or P2 licence holder, or even the holder of an unrestricted licence, you should avoid common traffic violations that could result in double demerit points. Here are a few tips.

  • Never drive distracted or use a phone while driving
  • Make sure you and all your passengers wear seat belts at all times
  • Do not exceed posted speed limits or maximum speed limits for learner drivers
  • Always give way to other drivers when required to do so
  • Come to a full stop at all stop signs and red stoplights

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Are Being Used To Detect Distracted Drivers

In NSW, Mobile Phone Detection Cameras are being used to enforce mobile device bans. Don’t drive while using a mobile phone! Learner drivers and P platers may not use phones at all while driving. The car must be off and parked out of traffic to use your phone for any purpose.

Fully-licenced drivers can use a phone for purposes such as GPS and playing music if it is fully fixed to the vehicle in a specialized cradle and can be operated hands-free with Bluetooth or voice controls. Phones still may not be used for texting or messaging, taking photos, using social media, sending emails, or held in the hand at all for any purpose.

It’s very important to avoid violations during the double demerit period. If you are caught using a mobile phone, you will get 10 demerits and a $457 fine. 

In NSW, learners and P1 drivers can only get 4 demerit points in a 3-year period, so this will result in immediate licence suspension. P2 drivers can get up to 7 demerit points, but the 10-point penalty will still immediately result in licence suspension, since this exceeds the 7-point limit. 

Only unrestricted licence holders, who may have a maximum of 13 demerit points, will not automatically have their license suspended after a mobile phone offense – though this still does not mean it’s a good idea to use your phone if you have your full, unrestricted licence! 

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If you’re still a learner driver, it’s important to know traffic laws, drive safely, and avoid demerit points and fines – especially during the Christmas holiday period. If you’d like help improving your driving, contact LTRent Driving School today and schedule professional driving instruction in NSW today.

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