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Driving Safely With Low Sun

Safe Driving on Sunny days

If you’re a new driver, you may not be sure how to drive safely in bright sunlight in the morning and in the evening. Driving east in the morning and west in the evening – particularly during the winter – means you’ll be driving directly into the low sun.

This is because in winter, the sun hangs lower in the sky due to the orientation of the Earth. This bright sunlight can pose some safety challenges, even if you have tinted windows. In this blog from LTrent Driving School, we’ll discuss a few top tips for dealing with low sun and sun glare, and staying safe while driving in bright sunlight.

1. Keep A Pair Of Sunglasses In Your Car

Wearing sunglasses will reduce glare and brightness significantly while you drive. Polarized sunglasses, in particular, can help reduce brightness and eliminate sun glare, providing you with a clearer view of your surroundings.

This is because polarized lenses filter out certain horizontal light waves, which are scattered by your windshield and other bright objects. By filtering these waves, they provide you with a more clear perspective of the road and other objects on the road.

2. Use Your Sun Visor To Block Out The Sun

Sun visors are great for providing shade and blocking out the sun. When the sun is low and shining into your car from the front or side, make sure to flip down your sun visors, and position them to block the majority of light entering your car.

However, be very careful when doing this, and continue paying attention to the road, as you may be distracted by messing with your sun visors. Once they’re in place, avoid adjusting them. If you have a passenger, we recommend asking them to adjust the visors to ensure you are not distracted.

3. Keep More Space Between Your Car And The Vehicle In Front Of You

Sun glare makes it harder to see what the vehicle in front of you is doing, so consider adding a few more car lengths between your car and the car in front of you. This will give you more time to adjust and react to their manoeuvres.

4. Make Sure Your Wiper Blades Are In Good Shape And You Have Lots Of Wiper Fluid

A dirty windshield can lead to serious problems with visibility. When dirt, water stains, water grime, and salt stains are hit by bright sunlight, they can significantly impair your vision.

So make sure your wipers are in good shape and you have wiper fluid available to clean off your windshield if it gets dirty while you drive. This will keep you safer in the low winter sun.

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