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How Is The NSW Driving Test Scored

How is Your Driving Test Scored | LTrent Driving School

In NSW, your Driving Test is evaluated based on your proficiency in demonstrating low-risk driving skills across varied scenarios. To pass, you must adhere to the driving standard and complete test activities within the specified time. The testing officer assesses your safety while driving, your interactions with other road users, and your compliance with road rules and road markings.

Before taking the Driving Test, you’re required to complete a Hazard Perception Test (HPT), paving the way to earn your driver’s licence. Successfully passing the Driving Test and the HPT earns you a provisional P1 licence, allowing you to drive without a supervising driver or a log book. Partnering with a professional trainer can significantly ease the process of passing your Driving Test.

Consider Professional Driving Lessons

Professional driving lessons are invaluable, equipping you with the necessary skills to pass your Driving Test. Experienced instructors provide guidance through various driving aspects, including navigating through 25 zones, understanding road rules, and mastering required observation checks. These lessons aim to make you a safer and more confident driver.

Instructors also focus on crucial test components like speed management, maintaining the correct road position, and safely navigating the test track. Choosing LTrent’s professional driving lessons means learning in cars designed for the Driving Test, featuring dual controls for safety.

The Driving Test Score Sheet: Understanding Your Assessment

Grasping the NSW driving test score sheet is crucial for understanding how your test is scored. This sheet is essentially your guide to the driving test, featuring three main parts:

  • Assessments Panel: On the right-hand side, the testing officer documents your driving actions or lack thereof.
  • Fail and Immediate Fail Items: On the left-hand side, critical errors like exceeding the speed limit or failing to perform safe road position adjustments are recorded.
  • Administrative Details: This section logs the test’s administrative aspects, including the day, start time, and test track details.

Your performance is judged against the NSW Driver Qualification Test marking guide, assessing you on:

  • hazard response
  • speed management
  • decision making
  • road position
  • vehicle control

What is the NSW P’s driving test score out of?

The NSW P’s driving test is a set course over 25 zones. In order to pass the driving test you must score at least 90% or more with no fail items.

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Improve Your Score with LTrent Driving School

LTrent Driving School stands as Australia’s premier driving school, offering detailed professional driving lessons tailored to learners under 25. Our NSW Safer Drivers Course is designed to instil safe driving principles, focusing on risk driving avoidance and enhancing defensive driving skills.

Booking a lesson with LTrent not only prepares you for the NSW driving test but also equips you with lifelong safe driving skills. Contact us to learn how we can assist in achieving your driving goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NSW P’s driving test is a set course over 25 zones. In order to pass the driving test you must score at least 90% or more with no fail items.

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