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How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need To Pass

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need To Pass | LTrent Driving School

While you must log at least 120 hours of supervised driving by law, including at least 20 hours of driving at night, there is no specific rule about how many lessons you’ll need to pass.

However, it does greatly depend on your comfort on the road. It’s estimated that those drivers who increase supervised on-road experience with a driving instructor end up doing better in the practical driving test, and tend to reduce their crash risk by 30% in the first two years of driving!

To pass your test, the number of lessons really does depend on how comfortable you are with various types of roads and road hazards that you may come across while driving.

Your supervising driver, who may be a family member or a licenced driving instructor, may help you with finding different locations, routes, and types of driving conditions for learner drivers to drive in.

Get Your Log Book

Once you’ve gotten your Learner’s Licence, you’ll be able to get a paper log book for you to record your driving hours. In order to get your Learner’s Licence, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old. You have to provide 2 documents proving your identity at the time of your test.

Book your Driver’s Knowledge Test online, fill out the Licence Application Form, and pass the knowledge and eyesight test to get the Learner’s Licence.

The Driver’s Knowledge Test, also known as a theory test, will test your knowledge of road signs, road rules, and other general best practices when it comes to safe driving.

After you pass the test, you can make use of your bonus hours with a driving school. Remember, one hour of driving lessons is equal to three hours in your log book! This means that with a school like LTrent, you can get up to 30 bonus hours.

You can also get an additional 20 bonus hours in your log book once you’ve completed the Safer Drivers Course!

Get Comfortable On The Road

Your driving instructor or the personal driver won’t just help you when it comes to learning to drive – they’ll help you to ultimately feel comfortable behind the wheel. As noted, there really isn’t a specific rule as to the number of lessons you must have in order to pass the test, besides the minimum requirement of 120 hours.

However, the more time you spend on the road, the more comfortable with driving you’ll end up being! In order to set yourself up for success with your practical driving test, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve gone over not only the rules of the road, but over driving situations, routes, and hazards that you may encounter once you become a solo driver.

Proper preparation is key, so you’ll have to get supervised driving lessons at a variety of times, and in a variety of driving conditions. Make sure you’re getting your requirement of 20 night hours, and be sure to practice different routes and at different traffic times before setting up your driving appointment.

Pass Your P’s Test with LTrent Driving School

With LTrent, we’ll help set up your driving test once your instructor feels that you’re ready. Your driving instructor will know when you’re ready to take the test! Once you feel comfortable with driving at several different times of day, and you’ve gone over the rules of the road, you’ll be ready to pass your test.

Book a driving lesson today with one of LTrents professional Driving Instructors, and pass your P’s test on the FIRST GO! Use our online system, or give us a call on 02 8748 4500.

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