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How Many Driving Lessons For A Manual Car

How Many Driving Lessons For A Manual Car | LTrent Driving School

While manual transmission cars – also known as stick-shift cars – used to be something of a rite of passage, automatic cars have largely monopolized the road. Automatic tends to be the most popular car driven, and in most cases learner drivers will both learn on and take their driving test with an automatic car.

However, in some cases, people will want to drive manual cars. If that’s you, there’s no need to worry – you can absolutely learn how to drive manual cars!

There aren’t a specific number of driving lessons that you’ll need to drive a manual car, just as there aren’t a specific number of driving lessons you’ll need for an automatic car.

However, in both cases, you’ll need at least 120 hours of supervised driving hours marked down in your log book. You must also have an additional 20 hours of driving at night logged in your log book.

Learning to drive a manual car may seem like a difficult process, but with the right driving instructor, you’ll be able to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a manual car in no time! Remember, when it comes to manual versus automatic cars, the road rules are the same. Getting the basics down is incredibly important no matter what kind of car you’re driving, which means that you’ll want to pay the utmost attention to the rules of the road in either case.

Learning how to drive takes quite a bit of dedication and practise, whether or not you’re looking to drive an automatic or a manual car. Your driving instructor can help you manage and master the manual car, and can also help you recognize the kinds of monitors, symbols, and systems in your car that you’ll need to be aware of in order to successfully drive and maintain your manual car.

Manual driving lessons, therefore, don’t start off all that different from the very basics of automatic lessons. The real difference comes from the movement of the clutch and the pedals; however, the idea of coming to a complete stop at stop signs, adhering to road rules regarding merging and pedestrians, and other things like knowing when you have the right-of-way are all concepts that you will go over in both manual driving lessons and automatic driving lessons.

As noted, there is no specific number of lessons that you’ll need in order to drive a manual car, other than the 120 hours of driving you need to have logged in order to take your proficiency test. However, what it will come down to is your comfort level with the car.

As with automatic driving lessons, your driving instructor will know when you’re ready to take the test, and can even help you schedule the test for you. If there are things that you’re not completely familiar with or things that you don’t quite feel comfortable with, be sure to ask your instructor for clarification before signing up to take the exam.

Every manual car is different, so it can be useful to practice on the car that you’re going to be taking the test on. This can also help provide you with more of a level of confidence when you go into the exam, which will only help you overall.

If you’re considering looking into learning to drive a manual car, simply make sure that you have a licenced instructor trained in manual driving, and get ready to learn the rules of the road!

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