How Often Should You Take a Driving Lesson? | LTrent Driving School

How Often Should You Take a Driving Lesson?

How Often Should You Take a Driving Lesson? | LTrent Driving School Blog

Are you eager to drive your first vehicle? Or do you simply want to hone your driving skills and get a license? Either way, you may be wondering how often you should take driving lessons to pass the driving test.

There’s more to driving than putting your foot on a gas pedal and steering the wheel. You require special driving techniques and good driving habits to coexist with other drivers on the road. Here are the factors that determine how often you’ll take your driving lessons.

Prior Driving Experience

If it’s not your first time behind the wheel, you may already understand the basics of safe driving. Prior driving experience prevents you from wasting too much time learning the basics. This means you can fast-track simple topics such as putting the car in gear and move on to more complex driving lessons.

Simply put, the more knowledge you have about driving and road safety, the easier it is to grasp complex topics and the fewer the driving lessons you’ll need.

Frequency of Lessons

A driving course is just like any other certification program that requires time and dedication to complete. However, if you run a tight schedule, you’ll likely miss or postpone crucial lessons, disrupting your learning continuity. In this case, you may need additional lessons, apart from the recommended 2-4 hours a week sessions.

The Intensity of a Driving Course

Generally, some driving courses take longer than others. This is because driving schools use different approaches to instil the learner driver with the knowledge to become a professional driver. For example, some prefer teaching theory first then implementing that knowledge on the road later, which usually requires more lessons, while others conduct driving practices after almost every session.

Regardless of the driving school’s approach, the longest driving course should have fifty lessons at maximum.

Type of Instructor

The driving instructor will also determine how often you’ll take a driving lesson. Some instructors take time to transfer their knowledge to their students, while others are a bit faster.

An inexperienced driving instructor, who allows long periods to pass before the students implement the theory from class, increases the lessons you’ll take before taking your driving test. However, suppose each lesson progressively builds on the next one through practical driving sessions. In that case, you can easily grasp and store the information and gather confidence before driving solo during the test.

Practice Levels

Even if your instructor balances the theory and practical driving lessons, you’ll still need additional driving practice to become a good driver. Lack of private practice can derail your learning curve, which may force you to take additional driving lessons before you take the test.

On top of your professional lessons, you should ensure a 22-hour private driving practice session to avoid forgetting what you learned. You can borrow a friend or family member’s car.

Get Professional Driving Lessons

Driving isn’t a straightforward experience. It requires time to master the skills taught during professional driving lessons. To become the best, you must find a good driving school that offers the only lessons you’ll need to pass the driving test and become a professional driver. One such driving school is just a phone call away. Contact the Ltrent Driving School and learn to drive today.

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