Is it Safe To Take Anxiety Medication Before A Driving Test | LTrent

Is it Safe To Take Anxiety Medication Before A Driving Test

Is it Safe To Take Anxiety Medication Before A Driving Test | LTrent Driving School

If you are an anxious or nervous driver or suffering from “driving test nerves,” you may be wondering if it’s safe to take your anxiety medication before your driving test.

Anxiety Medication Is Safe While Driving To Take With Your Doctor’s Approval

Most anti-anxiety medications like benzodiazepines and beta blockers do have some minor side effects, but will not impair or affect your ability to drive.

As long as you’re taking your anxiety medication as prescribed by your doctor – and your doctor approves you for driving while taking your medication – you can feel free to take it before your driving test. It will be completely safe to drive, and your medication will likely help you feel more calm and composed throughout your test.

How Else Can I Relax & Stay Calm During My Driving Test?

If you’re an anxious person or get nervous when driving, you may be wondering how you can relax and stay calm during your driving test. Here are a few tips you can take to relax during the test, and to ensure you’re properly prepared before you take your driving test.

  • Drive near the testing centre frequently – If you know which testing centre you’ll be visiting to take your driving test, make sure to drive near that area quite a bit while you get your 120 logbook hours and learn to drive. Becoming familiar with the area near the testing centre will help you feel more calm when it’s time to take your test.
  • Take driving lessons – Driving lessons from a driving school like LTrent Driving School are very helpful for nervous drivers. A driving instructor can ensure you know everything you need to know about road rules, find weaknesses in your driving, and teach you defensive driving techniques that will help you pass on your first go.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – We know it can be hard to rest easy before your driving test, but do your best to get a full 8+ hours of sleep. Being well-rested will help you be in the right state of mind when you begin your driving test.
  • Control your breathing – Deep breathing can help you feel more confident and collected behind the wheel. Often, when we’re nervous, we naturally begin taking more shallow breaths. Throughout your exam, try your best to breathe naturally and deeply, and avoid shallow breathing caused by anxiety.
  • Focus only on the road & your examiner’s instructions – Try your best to remain as alert and focused as possible. Don’t daydream about what you’re going to do after you get your Ps, think about schoolwork, or anything else. Give your full attention to your examiner and the road, and block everything else out of your mind as much as possible.
  • Don’t focus on mistakes – Don’t let a small mistake, like signalling too early or late for a turn, throw you off. If you keep going over the mistakes you’ve made while you’re still taking the driving test, this will affect your driving. You won’t be able to respond to on-road situations as effectively, which could lead to further errors. What’s past is past – so focus on what’s happening now, and do your best!

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