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Is One Driving Lesson A Week Enough

Is One Driving Lesson A Week Enough | LTrent Driving School Learning to drive requires significant motor skills as well as training your brain to read situations and see obstacles, often having to be prepared to take evasive action before an accident happens.
There are more drivers on the road now than ever. In order to retain information and fully immerse yourself into the world of driving, one lesson a week is not enough to gain the experience that comes with consistent driving.

It takes 120 hours of driving experience for a learner driver to acquire a licence and may take more for the driver to feel confident in their skills. Attempting to cram classroom learning and driver hours into one hour per week may not be the ideal solution. That’s 120 weeks of instruction with minimal information learned in each session.

Driving Lessons

A good driving instructor can provide driving efficiency in optimal time and prepare learner drivers for the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) and the practical driving test, as well as driving hours. The theory test includes:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Hazard perception test

The multiple-choice questions address the rules of the road while the hazard perception test addresses the ability to avoid and act in possibly hazardous situations while driving.

The test standard raises the bar of driver education. Participating in an intensive driving course with driving instructors makes it a lot easier to pass your driving test. A safety driving course focuses on both classroom study to learn safe driving habits and the rules of the road and pairs it with actual driving time and experience.

Students benefit from driving lessons with catered instruction and an attentive driving instructor that grooms them to pass the first time. Being prepared for the test saves time, money, and builds confidence in the student because they are able to be secure in their driving skills.

It is imperative the learner drivers are able to drive in several different conditions over a period of time. The more driving lessons they take, the more they are prepared and able to meet the test standard. Passing the driving test is not the final goal, having a competent driver is.

Driving schools offer a variety of packages that include various hours of driving and an easy way to record their driving record, most through mobile applications. There are also cost-effective plans that allow you to enrol in more than an hour-lesson a week. However, if an hour lesson per week is what you require, driving schools can help you maximize your time and gain valuable knowledge to elevate your driving experience.

Driving skills are unique in that you can read about how to drive a car, but it is the applicable knowledge behind the wheel and the hours spent driving that make the difference. Nothing can replace or come close to that experience.

A good driving instructor can advise you on the number of hours that you will need. If they see you are excelling during our driving lesson, or if they feel you need more driving experience, they will guide you in the right direction.


Ultimately, how many lessons you need a week and the time of those lessons come down to your comfort level. Your confidence behind the wheel is what will dictate how prepared you feel for the driver’s test and is a good indicator of whether or not you will pass the test the first time. If you feel you need more or less than an hour a week, is really up to you.

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