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What are the Rules for Mobile Phone & Driving

What are the Rules for Mobile Phone & Driving | LTrent Driving School Australia

It may be inviting to pick up your phone and respond to that text message on Facebook while driving. However, using your mobile phone while driving can pose a severe risk to your safety on the road. Worse is that an eye glance off the road for two seconds or more can lead to a car crash.

To prevent road accidents, drivers within NSW, VIC, ACT, and Australia at large are guided by strict mobile phone laws. Violation of these rules can attract a fine of up to $1000 fine and five demerit points penalties.

Mobile Phone Road Laws for Fully Licenced Drivers

If you are on a full licence, you can use your mobile phone, provided you meet the requirements set by the mobile phone rules. You can use your phone if it is secured in a cradle or it can be operated without touch to access audio functions, make or receive phone calls and navigate.

Other applications of mobile phones like video calling, texting, emailing, social media, and browsing while driving are prohibited. The mobile phone rules also prohibit drivers from holding or using their mobile phones while driving. Penalties apply to drivers who access the Digital Driver Licence when driving, even when stationary unless a traffic officer requests them.

The mobile phone law fines can be heftier than you think. It is essential to acknowledge that:

  • The laws apply even when your car is stationary and not parked. Therefore, don’t try to use your phone if you’re stopped at the traffic lights and always ensure you park your vehicle before you video call, text, browse or send an email.
  • You can get fined if your mobile is on your lap or touching any part of your body.
  • The laws not only apply when it comes to mobile phone usage but includes devices like smartwatches, tablets, computers, and DVD players.

Mobile Phone Road Rules for P1 and P2 Drivers

It is against the law for learner, P1, and P2 drivers in the VIC, NSW, and ACT areas to use any feature of their mobile phones while driving. The new law prohibits these divers from making or receiving phone calls even if it is connected to a wireless hands-free system.

Learner and P1 divers may lose up to four demerit points, resulting in a 3-month suspension. P2 drivers illegally using mobile phones will be fined and will only be left with three demerit points remaining.

You can only use your mobile phones for navigation, make or receive a phone call or browse when the vehicle is parked, with the engine off and your keys away from the ignition. To avoid temptation, always ensure you keep the phone in a glove box or bag.

Mobile phone detection camera programs and enforcement by police target drivers using mobile phones illegally. Therefore, always keep your phone away to avoid getting distracted while driving.

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