Our Tips For Passing The DKT | LTrent Driving School & Lessons

Our Tips For Passing The DKT


Our Tips For Passing The DKT | LTrent Driving School & Lessons

Looking to get your learner driving licence? The first step is to pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT). This is the first driving test you’ll have to take while getting your licence in NSW, and passing the test is mandatory for earning your licence as a learner driver.

So, how can you pass the driver knowledge test on your first try, earn your learner licence, and begin taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor and progress to your P1 licence?

Let’s see Ltrent’s top tips on how to pass this theory test on your first try!

How to Prepare For the DKT test in NSW?

1. Understand The Format Of This Driving Test

Before booking the test, it’s important to understand its format, how it works, and what you can expect when you sit the test.

The DKT is a computer-based test that will test your knowledge of Australian road rules. In this theory test, you will have to answer a total of 45 questions, which will be randomly selected by a question bank including more than 600 questions. There are two sections:

  • First section: In the first section of the test, you will be asked 15 general knowledge questions. You will need to answer at least 12 correctly. If you get 4 questions incorrect in this section, your test will be terminated.
  • Second section: In the second section of the test, you will be asked 30 road safety questions. You must answer at least 29 correctly. Again, if you get 2 questions incorrect in this section, your test will be terminated automatically.

Read the question very carefully each time. There is no time limit for this test, so use that to your advantage. You can take as long as you want, so do not rush yourself.

2. Download Our DKT Guide

Our free comprehensive guide will take you through DKT test basics, common mistake items, safe driving practices, test-taking tips and practice questions. Click here for more information.

3. Study The Road Users Handbook

All of the information you need to pass this test is in the Road Users Handbook – from information about road signs to proper speed limits in school areas and more. You can access the Road Users Handbook, or you can buy a physical copy from any registry/service centre.

4. Study The Available Question Banks

You can access a full list of question banks for the real test online –go to “DKT Question Banks”. This includes all 600 questions asked on the test, with the correct answer bolded and shown as the first option.

5. Take A Practice DKT Online

If you feel like you’re ready to take the real test, a good next step is to take the free online practice DKT. This test uses the exact same format as a real DKT, and uses real questions that may appear on your DKT. If you can pass the practice DKT, chances are that you’re ready for the real test!

Passed Your DKT And Got Your Learner Licence? Get Driving Lessons From LTrent!

As long as you study the Road Users Handbook, follow our DKT Guide and go through DKT Question Banks in-depth, you’ll have no trouble earning your learners licence in NSW. If you have your L licence and are ready to begin the process of getting your P1 and P2 licence, LTrent Driving School is here to help!

Professional driving instruction and enrolling in the Safer Drivers Course (once you have 50 logbook hours), will allow you to get more hours and qualify for your P1 licence sooner. In addition, professional instruction helps you become a safe and confident driver. 

To learn more and see if driving lessons from LTrent are right for you, just contact us now on 02 8748 4500.

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How many questions in DKT in NSW?

In New South Wales (NSW), the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) consists of 45 multiple-choice questions. These questions cover various topics such as road rules, traffic signs, and safe driving practices. To pass the DKT, you must answer at least 41 of the 45 questions correctly. Additionally, you need to pass a separate hazard perception test, which involves identifying potential hazards in real-life driving scenarios. Both the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test are part of the DKT in NSW.

How many questions can you get wrong in the DKT?

In the NSW Driver Knowledge Test (DKT), you are allowed to get a maximum of four questions wrong out of the total 45 multiple-choice questions. To pass the DKT, you must answer at least 41 questions correctly. Remember to study and prepare thoroughly to increase your chances of passing the test and obtaining your driver’s licence.

What is the DKT practice test?

The DKT practice test is a valuable tool for learners preparing for the actual Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) in NSW. Similar to the real test, the practice test consists of 45 questions randomly selected from a pool of 600 questions. It allows you to simulate the test-taking experience and gauge your knowledge and readiness.

Unlike the real test, where you must achieve a passing score, the practice DKT allows you to answer all 45 questions, regardless of how many you get wrong. This feature provides an opportunity to review and learn from any incorrect answers, enhancing your knowledge and preparing you for the actual DKT.

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