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Road Safety

Back when I was a child, the RMS (back then known as the RTA) had a safety campaign running called “Click, clack, front and back”.

The campaign was not only aimed at adults, but at children as well, telling them all about the risks associated with not wearing a seatbelt. I remember having a colouring book and there was even a little song on cassette tap that I remember listening to. You can check out the old ad here.

The ads are run a little differently now, however the aim is always the same; to promote safe driving and awareness.

Transport for NSW have a program called “Safety Town”. This is aimed at families and also schools. It’s important to get these safety messages through at a young age in the hope that it makes a difference for when the children are older.

Have a look at their road safety website and share with any young people in your family. The website in the link has a lot of wonderful information, so have a scroll through their page.