Safe Driving On Sydney Motorways | LTrent Driving School NSW

Safe Driving On Sydney Motorways

Safe Driving On Sydney Motorways | LTrent Driving School NSW

There are a lot of Sydney motorways on which you may have to drive with your learner’s licence or provisional licence. Roads like the Westlink M7, the Eastern Distributor, and Sydney Harbour Bridge can all be very intimidating for new drivers.

So, how can you drive safely on Sydney motorways? Here are a few top tips from LTrent Driving School – follow them, and make sure you drive safely.

1. Obey Posted Speed Limits At All Times

As a new driver, it’s important not to exceed the speed limit. Not only is exceeding the speed limit illegal, but it also means you have less time to react to obstacles and unexpected situations on the road. Stay near or slightly below the speed limit at all times.

However, it’s also important not to drive too slowly. The NSW Road Rules state that you cannot drive at a speed that is “abnormally slow” and causes an obstruction – for example, going 40 km/h in a 110 km/h zone. Try to avoid going more than 10 km/h under the posted speed limit.

2. Stay Left Unless Overtaking

As a rule, you should stay in the left lane of the motorway unless you are overtaking. This helps ensure a steady flow of traffic. After passing any other vehicle, you must return to the left lane.

In a three (or more) lane road, you may use the middle lane or right lane to pass. Still, you should move back to the left-most lane after overtaking and reaching your desired speed.

3. Practice Merging Properly

Merging into high-speed motorway traffic can be intimidating for new drivers, but it’s an essential skill. You will usually merge from a road on the left. When you do so, you should look for a gap in traffic, then increase your speed to safely match traffic speed – and merge into the gap. This YouTube video is a helpful resource if you want to learn how to merge safely.

4. Know How To Use The Emergency Lane

The left-most lane or shoulder on most Sydney motorways is not marked for regular travel. Instead, this is the “emergency” or “breakdown” lane. If you’ve been involved in an accident, your car has broken down, or you absolutely must stop on the road for some other serious emergency – such as a passenger suffering a medical issue – you can use the emergency lane.

You should pull into the emergency lane, breakdown lane, or shoulder of the road. Then, stop your vehicle and contact the relevant emergency or breakdown assistance services. Don’t get out of your car, if possible. It’s very dangerous to be outside your vehicle on a high-speed Sydney motorway.

5. Sign Up For Linkt In Sydney For Easier Use Of Sydney Toll Roads

If you don’t want to stop and pay a toll every time you enter a Sydney toll road, it’s a good idea to sign up with Linkt Sydney. You can get an electronic tag which will register toll fees automatically as you drive – or even sign up for a “tagless” system that takes a photo of your licence plate as you drive through.

Either way, you’ll automatically pay tolls – and you won’t have to worry about stopping to pay tolls while driving on Sydney motorways.

Follow These Tips – Stay Safe On Sydney Motorways!

As a new driver, high-speed motorways and toll roads can seem intimidating. But keep these simple tips from LTrent Driving School in mind, and you’ll have an easier time practicing on controlled-access motorways. Want to become a better driver? Contact us now to learn more about your options for professional driving instruction in Sydney and NSW.

Practice makes perfect. So take a look at our recommendations for the top places to practice for learner drivers in Sydney – and start improving your own driving skills! Need help, or interested in professional driving instruction? LTrent Driving School is the best choice in the area. Contact us now, and learn more about our lesson packages in Sydney or the  Safer Drivers Course which provides learner drivers in class and car coaching sessions. Call 02 8748 4500 or book your lessons online.

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