Sydney’s Most Confusing Intersections | LTrent Driving School

Sydney’s Most Confusing Intersections

Sydney’s Most Confusing Intersections | LTrent Driving School

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Every city has roads that can be confusing and difficult to navigate – particularly for learner drivers. Interested in finding out which intersections in Sydney are the most confusing?

In this article from LTrent Driving School, we’ll take a look at a few of our top picks for the most confusing intersections in Sydney. Read on – and see which areas you should avoid if you’re a learner driver!

1. Victoria/Edgeware Rd – Inner West

This intersection in Sydney’s Inner West is well-known for being confusing and hard to navigate – particularly if you want to turn left. Alice St. and Llewellyn St. both exit onto Edgeware Rd. nearby, and the traffic queues to turn left out of Victoria Rd. are extremely long, particularly during rush hour.

Complicating things even more, there is a pedestrian crosswalk across Victoria Rd – as well as parallel parked cars on Edgeware Rd which restrict visibility and make it more difficult to find gaps in traffic into which you can turn. There are also plenty of trucks and buses that travel through the area, which also restrict visibility for drivers.

2. Sunnyholt Road/Westlink M7 – Blacktown

The Westlink M7 and Sunnyholt Road intersection is one of the largest junctions in Sydney. Though it’s controlled by traffic lights, its confusing “spaghetti” layout and the enormous number of lanes can make it quite difficult to negotiate properly – and safely.

3. Macdonald Street/Brown Street – Paddington

Paddington’s winding streets are known to be confusing to drivers – but the intersection of Macdonald/Brown Street take things to the next level, thanks to a bus-only lane, an extra stop sign, and an awkwardly-placed “give-way” sign – as well as a nearby roundabout that further complicates the intersection.

4. “Kamikaze Corner” Barrenjoey Rd/Plateau Rd/Old Barrenjoey Road – Bilgola

The local nickname “Kamikaze Corner” was earned by this roundabout that provides access to the Northern Peninsula Beaches. Four different roads dump into this roundabout – and one of them is a two-lane road. Not only that, but a fifth road used to be part of it!

Honorable Mention – Anzac Parade/Gardeners Road

In previous years, this intersection likely would have taken the top spot on our list of Sydney’s most confusing intersections. With a double-lane roundabout, multiple intersections and several traffic lights, this intersection was frustrating Sydney drivers for years – but no longer!

Thanks to light rail line construction in the area, the Anzac Parade roundabout has been replaced with traffic lights. It’s still not the easiest intersection to get through – but it’s much easier than it has been in the past!

Learn To Negotiate Confusing Roundabouts & Intersections With LTrent Driving School!

Whether you’re a learner driver, you have your provisional licence, or even if you have your full driving licence in Australia, LTrent Driving School provides driving lessons that can help you learn how to navigate the most confusing intersections in Australia! If you’ve ever felt confused or anxious about these intersections – or any other intersection in Sydney – we’re here to help.

With the right knowledge, experience and practice, you will be able to handle any intersection safely – even these confusing intersections! To learn more and get started, just contact us on 02 8748 4500, and learn more about our available driving lessons and the Safer Drivers Course.

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