The Best Places To Practice Driving In South Sydney | LTrent

The Best Places To Practice Driving In South Sydney

The Best Places To Practice Driving In South Sydney | LTrent Driving School

Looking for places to practice driving in South Sydney? Here are a few top picks from LTrent Driving School. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate learner driver, these are some of the best places to get more experience as you develop your skills.

1. Car Parks Throughout South Sydney

A car park is the best place to practice the basics of driving, such as parking, turning, and reversing. If you’re a brand-new driver who is not that comfortable on the road, your best bet is to go to a school car park or office car park in the evening or on the weekend.

At this time, there will likely only be a few cars and other obstacles like streetlights, so you’ll have a wide-open area where you can practice the basics of controlling your vehicle. Then, once you become more familiar with driving, you can start driving on real roads with other cars.

2. Industrial Areas In South Sydney

There are a lot of light industrial areas in South Sydney where you can get a lot of driving time in. We recommend going on the weekends or later at night, as this will mean there is less traffic.

However, even during the weekdays, traffic is relatively sparse in industrial areas, so these are still good places to practice the basics of driving safely and getting used to stop lights, stop signs, turns, and other basic road elements.

3. Mount Tomah And The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

If you’re a little more comfortable with driving and have done some driving on country roads, and you fancy a bit of a road trip, this is a great option if you live in South Sydney.

Mount Tomah and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden are about 100km to the west of Sydney, and the drive toward this area is mostly on country roads without too much traffic, so this is a great option if you want to log some serious driving time and enjoy a day trip! The scenery is great, too – Mount Tomah and the Blue Mountains area is a UNESCO World Heritage area, so you’re sure to enjoy the drive.

Once you arrive at Mount Tomah, there’s a lot to do. The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden features more than 5,000 plants over 28 hectares of land, so bring a picnic lunch or just walk around and enjoy the scenery. Then, head back to South Sydney and get even more driving experience.

4. Grand Pacific Drive

This is one of the best scenic drives in South Sydney – and perhaps all of Australia. It begins in Royal National Park, and this 140 km coastal drive takes you through dense rainforests, the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge, and a variety of coastal cities including Kiama, Shoalhaven, Shellharbour and Wollongong.

There’s a lot to do along the way, too, including beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and plenty of tourist attractions. This is a great way to add some fun to your experience as you learn to drive!

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