The Safety Cushion | LTrent Driving School

The Safety Cushion

The Safety Cushion is the clear space drivers need to maintain around their vehicle to give reaction, manoeuvring or stopping room in any situation and at any speed.

Your Safety Cushion surrounds your car to the front, sides and rear,  this is your territory and you should stringently guard against others entering it.

As you drive, you will need to maintain your Safety Cushion by adjusting your speed or, your position on the road.

A Safety Cushion will give you more time to spot any hazards that may arise.

NOTES: The Safety Cushion is variable and will alter with speed and traffic conditions.
More space is needed between cars at 100km/h than at 20km/h, so your Safety Cushion will increase with speed.
To maintain an adequate Safety Cushion to the front you need to:

  • control your speed to suit the road and traffic conditions
  • keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front

Other drivers may see your Safety Cushion as a clear space to move into. In this case, you will need to adjust your speed and reclaim your space.