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U-Turn Road Rules In ACT

U-Turns in ACT can be a bit confusing, and though this manoeuvre is helpful in many situations, it’s easy to fall afoul of the law if you don’t know the rules about U-Turns in the area. So in this guide, we’ll take you through the road rules and some advice about making U-Turns in ACT.

Safely Beginning A U-Turn

When beginning a U-Turn, the driver must slow down and ensure that U-Turns are permitted at the intersection. A U-Turn can only be made if the driver:

  • Has a clear view of any approaching traffic
  • The U-Turn can be made without unreasonably obstructing the flow of traffic

If everything looks good and the area is clear, and it’s safe to make a U-Turn, you may begin the manoeuvre.

Yielding To Traffic & Giving Way During A U-Turn

You must yield to any oncoming vehicle or approaching traffic when making a U-Turn. All other road users have priority over you – all traffic must be clear before you make the manoeuvre.

Do not drive distracted or use your mobile phone, particularly in areas with pedestrians crossing the road, such as a school zone. This ensures you will be aware of all vehicles and pedestrians.

Do not exceed the speed limit, and be aware of other nearby traffic elements like lane roundabouts, stop signs, lane markings, drivers turning left on red, and everything else that could influence the safety of your manoeuvre.

U-Turn Road Rules In ACT | LTrent Driving School Blog U-Turns & No U-Turn Signs

If there is a “No U-Turn” sign anywhere on the roadway, you may not make a U-Turn in the area. A road marked with a No U-Turn sign has this rule applied from the area where they are posted to either:

  • The next intersection of the road (if not also marked with a No U-Turn Sign)
  • The end of the road, for roads that end in a dead end or “T” intersection

This may be obvious, but it bears repeating. You may never make a U-Turn at any intersection, with traffic lights or without, if there is a no U-Turn sign.

U-Turns At Traffic Lights

You may turn at traffic lights if a “U-Turn Permitted” sign is displayed. However, if there is no signage indicating that a U-Turn can be made, you may not make a U-Turn. There must be a sign specifically allowing the U-Turn to be made.

U-Turns At Intersections Without Traffic Lights

At an intersection without traffic lights, a U-Turn can be made as long as there is not a “No U-Turn” sign. A “U-Turn Permitted” sign is not required to make a U-Turn at an intersection without traffic lights.

Making The U-Turn Manoeuvre & Entering The Proper Lane

When making a permitted U-Turn, the driver must start the U-Turn:

  • From the lane marked nearest to the dividing line or median strip on a multi-lane road (if applicable)
  • From the left of the centre of the road

When turning, you should enter the left lane of the road (for multi-lane roads). This helps with the flow of oncoming traffic, and ensures the U-Turn is done safely.

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