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Understanding U-Turn Rules In NSW & VIC

There are a lot of rules governing things like slip lanes, U-turns, the speed limit, hook turns and other driving manoeuvres in NSW, VIC, Southern Australia and every other territory.

This can be confusing. For example, all Australian states and territories have slightly different laws when it comes to how to perform a u-turn.

So, in this guide from LTrent Driving School, we’ll take a look at what road users in NSW and VIC need to know about how to perform a U-turn safely, properly, and legally. Let’s get started.

NSW Road Rules For U-Turns – Understanding The Basics

In New South Wales, there are a number of restrictions on where you can make u-turns. You cannot make a u-turn:

  • At any intersection with a NO U-TURN sign
  • On divided motorways
  • Across any unbroken single or double centre line, unless the line closest to the driver is broken
  • At any traffic light. U-turns are prohibited at traffic lights unless the intersection has a clearly-marked U-TURN PERMITTED sign

To legally perform a u-turn, you may enter the intersection and begin the u-turn from the marked left hand lane that is the nearest to the centre of the road (multi-lane roads). If there are no road markings, you must move to the side of the intersection closest to the centre of the road.

Understanding U-Turn Rules In NSW & VIC | LTrent Driving School Begin by indicating your turn. During a u-turn, you must yield to all vehicles and pedestrians. Be aware of pedestrian crossings. Check your mirrors and blind spots, look for approaching traffic and emergency vehicles, and check stop signs for vehicles turning left to ensure that it is safe to proceed.

VIC Road Rules For U-Turns – Understanding The Basics

In Victoria, there are both similarities and differences when it comes to road rules for u-turns. You are NOT allowed to make a u-turn:

  • On any road that has single or double continuous lines marked in the centre
  • At any intersection with a “no u-turn” sign

However, you ARE allowed to make a u-turn at:

  • Any other road that does not meet the above criteria
  • At any intersection with a traffic light, unless it has a “no u-turn” sign

This means you can perform a u-turn at the majority of intersections in Victoria, unless there are signs specifically prohibiting the manoeuvre.

The process for legally turning is the same. Move to the side of the road closest to the centre. Then, indicate your turn. Yield to all traffic and pedestrians, and perform your turn only when it’s safe to do so.

Know The Rules For Making U-Turns In VIC And NSW – And Be Safe!

It’s important to know the rules for legal u-turns in VIC and NSW – but above all, you need to be safe when performing this manoeuvre. U-turns can be quite risky, particularly for new drivers.

If you’re a learner driver or have your provisional licence, and you’d like to learn more about safe driving in VIC and NSW, LTrent Driving School is here to help. We offer professional driving instruction and education to help you improve your skills – and drive with confidence. Contact us now to learn more. For our Sydney office call 02 8748 4500. Alternatively, book a driving lesson through our online booking system.

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