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Driving in wet weather

Driving in wet weather | LTrent Driving Lessons

Rain is terrific for agriculture, soothing when it gets too hot, and just calming overall. But rain, when you are driving, is a potential hazard. Driving in wet weather should be done with extra care by road users since visibility and adherence to the road are drastically reduced.

Here are some tips for driving in wet weather that should help you remember how to minimize risks and control your vehicle as well as you can. Wet conditions should become a trigger for taking these safety measures because driving normally is not safe enough.

Make Sure You See Others and Are Seen by Others

Once it starts raining, you should turn on your lights and windscreen wipers and verify that you know where the demister control is. You should use all the means you have to see where other vehicles are and be prepared to react quicker in case visibility is reduced drastically by heavy rain.

Ensure your windows don’t get foggy by having your air conditioner on and using both demisters, from front and back windshields.

Visibility can also be affected by the water spraying from the car in front of you. Because of this, and not only for this reason, you should increase the distance you have to the car in front of you and drive on the left side of the lane.

Anticipate a Longer Braking Time

On wet roads, the stopping distance will be longer. You should decrease your speed and keep a safe distance between you and other cars to accommodate this difference in case you need to brake suddenly. A lot of minor accidents happen in cities in wet weather, since the traffic is heavier than normal and drivers don’t allow more space in between them and others.

Watch out for puddles and pooling of water, especially when you are driving fast (over 70 km/h). They can cause hydroplaning, which is losing the grip on the road when you get too much water between the road and your tires.

Control Your Car Properly During Wet Weather

Controlling your car is a little bit different in wet weather. Make sure you get some practice before you go on a long road in wet conditions and avoid driving if you are not confident in your skills or the weather gets too bad.

Turn the cruise control off and try to avoid the pooling of water. If your car does hydroplane, do not brake or turn the wheels, as this makes you lose control easier. Slow down by taking your foot off the gas or pressing the brake very gently, and keep the car straight.

LTrent driving school offers Safer Drivers Course, you will be learning all these cautionary measures and more about driving in wet weather, and we will allow you to practice safe driving in all kinds of circumstances. Contact us if you need driving lessons in Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, or Illawarra.

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