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Driving in wet weather

Doesn’t anyone know that it’s raining?
I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t raining as I drove home from work. The problems with wet weather driving are decreased visibility and decreased adhesion. The concern is that too many drivers continue to drive as if it were still dry.
When it’s raining it becomes increasingly difficult to see other road users and for them to see us. This is amplified at dusk and at night. To counteract this we need to turn our lights on to be more visible and slow down so we can spot others.
Visibility to the side and on the fringe of the windscreen becomes diffused and outside mirrors become next to useless. Pedestrians can become more interested in staying dry than in traffic movement.
Adhesion is markedly lower, the film of water acts as a lubricant, reducing friction and consequently tyre grip.
So when it’s wet, increase the space between you and the other vehicles, make your decisions much earlier and slow down.